Monday, 28 November 2016

Thanks Josie and Chris

Good evening everyone, and thanks for popping in today. I do hope that your week has started well.

I have had a wonderful day , I stayed overnight with a lovely friend and was woken up with a male scratching to get into my room!!!! Don't worry Mum, he is a cat....and a cutie .....

After breakfast we headed off to a Parchment , Groovi workshop .

Run by these two wonderful and very talented ladies, Josie and Chris,

There were lots of friends there, and I met some new crafters too. It was great to put a face to a name and meet Glynis .

We were all on our best behaviour, we'll sort off!!!,

Thanks Lynne for sharing your pencils.


Look at these card designs


Now this was the one that I was aiming for..

You know, I have been trying to teach myself snipping, but it isn't easy at home on your hence the class today..

Josie was so patient with me, as I had got myself in a state about it, and had convinced myself that I couldn't do it....

As you know I love Groovi, the plates, the designs and making samples...but I have a real block with the grid work and the snipping...

Sometimes a negative comment by someone can get stuck in our you ever find that....?

Thank goodness for Josie and Chris...

Now I know I need lots more practice,,,but I am on my way...

My first bit of grid work and snipping.

I am hoping to have a little bit of time off over Christmas to get some practice in...

Hey..look ...

I have even got some

It may just take me until next Christmas to achieve this...

I had the most wonderful time and I can honestly say that anyone who wants to learn in a friendly and pleasant environment, just book one ( or two ) of these workshops...

I can't wait to go back and join in again..., look at these stunning samples made by Josie and Chris.


Thanks ladies....from the bottom of my heart....

Take care all...

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. It was a lovely day, glad you enjoyed it Jo, I certainly did. I get a bit hung up over the snipping as well even though I love to do it. Wonderful to see you and everyone else. X x

    1. Good to see you Lynne, just a shame the time went so quickly..
      Happy snipping...xx

  2. So glad you enjoyed your day Jo (rather better than mine I'm afraid) It looks like your first foray into grid work was a tremendous success! Your work is always lovely - never let anyone tell you otherwise. Take care ((hugs))

    1. Thanks Chrissie...I just need time now to practice...see you tomorrow...xx

  3. I worry when it comes to snipping too! I always think mine looks like its been attacked by mice. My plan for the new year is to do more Groovi, can't get better unless I practice. Yours looks lovely. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, I think we all need a snipping master class with Josie..hugs...xx

  4. Oh! You are doing a great job with that snipping now Jo. Need to explain, I'm signed in as Eve Hardy but I'm Glynis. There is a very good reason and can explain sometime lol.

    It was so lovely to meet you x

    1. Oh sounds intriguing Glynis, was so good to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again,,.xxx