Saturday, 3 September 2016

Wonderful workshops.

Good evening all, thanks for popping in today, and welcome to our new make yourself at home...

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday and that the rain hasn't dampened your spirits...

It was our monthly workshops today at CJ CardCrafts in Edgeley , and what a brilliant day I have had...( hope the crafters did too)

We had a messy, mixed media class this morning and had a play with canvas sheets, Clarity stencils , stamps and Dyna paints.

The canvas sheets are great and you get a pack of twenty for under a tenner...look what you can create in just two hours...

Here are some of the ladies works of art...


Such fab colours

Ever one a masterpiece.

I love them all

As always I was too busy chatting to take lots of photos...sorry...

At least I took a few...

In the afternoon we had a relaxed Groovi workshop...we had a play with the new cake and square box templates...and also used the lovely tree and heart plates...

I needed a quick anniversary card the other day for friends of mine Robert and Sue, and I thought , right use what I have on my this is what I made...( how often do us card makers, need a last minute , quick card!!!)

Now I know it isn't a complicated parchment design, but it is personnel for them , and I made it with love...and sometimes clean and simple works...and the main thing is that they love it...

One day I will learn more parchment techniques, ( with help from Linda Williams and Emma Burns ) and spend more time practicing them,,,but at the moment the time just isn't I am enjoying the Groovi system just as it is....

Whilst I remember , I need to remind you that our Barbara is back on tv tomorrow with fabulous new stamps and then on Monday with the most wonderful Groovi plates...

Enjoy your Saturday evening all, I am playing nursemaid to Karl who came off his bike today , thank goodness he had a helmet on...lots of TLC needed...

Take care all..

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. What beauties, hope Karl is okay. xxx

  2. Get well soon Karl.

    Fantastic artwork ladies xx

  3. Oh dear hope Karl is not too bruised. I love all the designs your ladies are very lucky to have you as teacher. I am doing a full day parchment workshop tomorrow, Josie is taking the morning one so fingers crossed I keep up. Maggie Craner is there as well. X x

  4. Must be some thing in the air, my other half also fell off his bike. No broken bones thankfully.
    Unfortunately I am not a good nursemaid.
    Love all the work done by the ladies, very inspiring.
    X MFM

  5. hope Karl is not too sore. have a great weekend, hugs xx

  6. looks wonderful Jo - we are all looking forward to Clarity Cumbria!!! Hugs rachel x

  7. Lovely designs Jo. You are doing a good job with your Groovi. I am loving the Groovi, but am still at the basic stage. xx