Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nail Polish backgrounds...

Good evening lovely is your week going?

Well the weather here has been lovely, I do think Spring may just be around the much so that our frogs are back in our pond.....

The other evening the dogs were in the garden, Karl went to let them in and said he could here a funny sort of noise coming from under one of the bushes...he went to get a me and the dogs went to investigate...and there was a poor frog...stuck on it's back....screaming away.....

So I carefully picked it up , gave it a wash and took it to the pond....( sorry Mum...I know you don't like frogs!) and yesI did check the following morning and all was well...

Today I want to introduce you to a technique for making backgrounds using old Nail polish....

This is one of the cards from this months Creative Cardmaking magazine...and I am very proud to say it is the Editors favourite.....I am so chuffed...

Now if you want to know the method there is a step by step in the magazine....but be warned it is another one of those addictive techniques...

Thanks for looking in, and as always thanks for taking the time to leave a comment...

I am off now ...time for food....and I have been cooking again....the soup maker has been used again...leek and Potaoe this time....and Angela it is as good as the others...

Much love and hugs...

Jo. X



  1. Well done Jo - Editor made a good choice there!!!
    I've got loads of old nail varnish, will have to get a copy to find out what to do.
    Hope Adam is feeling better and that your hand is improving xxx

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  3. Beautiful card Jo in my favourite colours, I love the 3D bubbles and the dragonflies too. I may just have to get the magazine to find out how to create this background to go with my ever increasing pile of shaving foam backgrounds!! Well done on the frog rescue I too would have to have done the same xx

  4. Lovely will have to get that to see what you do!

  5. Oh you tease Jo, I have lots of old polish now I got to find a magazine to know what to do. Card looks great, love the colours. Not sure I could have picked the frog up so well done with that one. Enjoy your soup. xx

  6. Beautiful card, Jo I am intrigued to know how it is done so tomorrow I'll be off down to the newsagents to find a copy of the magazine. Now we hear you are not only a fab crafter but a domestic goddess too .... the 2 don't always go hand in hand ... I would much rather be crafting than doing housework!! but your soup sounds wonderful ... I'm so hopeless Had a senior moment earlier and forgot the pancakes so we are having them as a lunchtime treat instead xxx

  7. Interesting card. I hope I can find a local newsagent that sells it. Well done for rescuing the frog. I grew up with a pond in the garden and used to feed worms to a little frog with a stumpy back leg. He'd swim over when he saw me and take worms from my hand xx

  8. cool - editor'e fave. go Jo! looks fab but don't have mag and am a bit far away to get it , hugs xx

  9. Tease indeed! Your stuff is always beautiful.

  10. Wow, this looks gorgeous! Congrats on your magazine award too!

  11. I need that magazine Jo! It's hard for me to find but I'll send D out and won't let him come back without one lol. It's a stunning card, really unusual and eye catching .. Love it. Take care x

  12. Well done for rescuing the frog! I don't a pond but always have frogs in my garden. Phoebe jumps as high as they do when she gives them a quick sniff, usually followed by a good bark before running away! :) Hmmmmm nail polish backgrounds............. I think I will have to check the magazine, how intriguing! XX