Monday, 7 August 2017

Monday again

Hi all and thanks for popping in. I do hope you had a good weekend, we had a lovely day on Saturday playing with all thinks Groovi including the new Perga Glitters. Plus the most wonderful news is that on Friday evening Elliot was allowed home..bless him. He has done so, so well and completely surprised everyone.

Now Adam has been reading Harry Potter to the bump and now to Elliot , who really seems to enjoy it and wow does he recognise his daddy voice. So I made him a bookmark.

And we took it round last night....He slept for our visit....and he looked so contented...

And off course cute....but yes I am biased...

I hope you managed to watch the Clarity shows yesterday and today. Great to see the ODS sell out in record time again. I was very disappointed that it looked like my samples never made it to the office. A few of us seem to be having issues with Royal Mail...but hey hoo....I can still share them with you on here..

But not today...I am under the wether I'm afraid....another trip to the dentist this afternoon and still more visits planned...I'm really not liking this getting older thing.....well I say that and then just look at little Elliot and it makes everything ok...

It's times like this when it is great to have good friends , and I am so pleased that I do...

I must go and reply to some emails , and then maybe a walk with the dogs....hopefully in the it seems to be shinning for a bit.

Take care all, and thanks for everything

Much love and hugs

Jo. Xxx



  1. Baby Elliot is sooooo cute! Looking forward to seeing your samples on your blog Jo. Take it easy till you feel better. Xx

  2. I love the bookmark Jo & the photo of Elliot (have to keep checking the spelling lol) will melt everyone's heart
    ((hugs)) Chrissie