Saturday, 11 March 2017

Clarity Manchester

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. I hope your Saturday has gone well and that you have a lovely evening planned.

I have my niece and husband here , it is so good to see them and spend time with them . So just whilst the food is cooking I will have a few minutes with you.

Today it was Clarity Manchester and we had some canvas playtime...we used some Clarity Stencils and stamps,,,I wonder how many you can recognise

There was some grunge paste,

Some book paper ( and yes I did check all the pages first )

Some paint and ink

Some white gesso

And some splats....( I do love splats )

We had a few ladies who were on holiday today and a couple who were unwell, but we still had a great time and as always it is great to spent quality time with friends.

The only down side was that the heating was broken so everything took ages to dry...thank goodness that we had a couple of heat guns...and everyone managed to complete their piece of art.

I am off now , food in the oven, Prosecco in the fridge ...

Enjoy your evening

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxxxx



  1. Lovely canvasses Jo! Isn't it amazing how different the same stencil looks done the other way round!
    Hugs! Xxx

  2. these look wonderful - I adore your project Jo - need to use my hare stencil - I started something with it but never got around to finishing it. Have a great evening. Hugs rachel x

  3. These are great Jo - hope you all had fun xx

  4. Fantastic projects, must get my stencils out for a play. Great inspiration as always xx

  5. Beautiful canvases great designs. Enjoy your evening with family and a few bubbles! Xx

  6. Fabulous canvases Jo, they are stunning x

  7. Gorgeous canvases Jo, looks like the ladies had fun

  8. I love these Jo! Must have a go at both! Looking forward to our playdate next Saturday!! Xx☺

  9. Must have been something in the air (or is that hare). Played with my hare stencil yesterday and not million miles away from the theme on your ladies canvases.
    Hugs xx

  10. Thanks ladies for all your lovely make it all