Friday, 6 January 2017

What a day

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for joining is always great to have your company...

What a day it has been , have you seen the Fantastic news?

Barbara and Dave have been working really hard and can now announce that they have taken over Pergamano ....oh it's going to be so exciting...

So many new tools and products to play with....and sorry Linda and Jose but I will be asking for advice,,,,

So many new workshops planned for this year...I do love to be busy..

Speaking of workshops, I would just like to share this email with you...

I received it last night and asked the sender for permission to share it with you...and she said yes,,,,


Happy New year Jo.

Thank you for your fabulous workshops . It's always a pleasure to attend your class because we're always guaranteed a great time . You always ensure we have plenty of laughter throughout the day , you always inspire us with your artwork.

Wishing you ,Karl and the boys a very happy and healthy new year.

Love ????????


You see I just love to spend time with such great crafters...who have become firm friends...and yes we have a laugh too....and sometimes get a bit naughty,,,,!!! But we have such a bond...and it is so good to see friendships develop....

Sometimes the classes act as a catalyst, bringing people together and I see new friendships blossom,,,

I have so much to be thankful for,,.and I really appreciate it...

Before I go and tackle the ironing mountain...

I just want to remind you that our Barbara is on Hochanda on Sunday

With fabulous new products, including backing papers, stencils , stamps and Groovi plates..

Not to be missed....

Take care all, and have a wonderful weekend...

And if you are one of those suffering with ill Heath at the moment , I hope you feel better soon....

Much love and hugs,

Jo. xxxxx



  1. Jo, Happy New Year!
    I am sure that all of us who attend your workshops share those sentiments.
    I am looking forward to joining in your workshops again this year, particularly the two days in March. I am saving my pennies, but I may need to work extra hours to make up for the clarity members' sale spending!!
    Barbara's news today is brilliant and I am sure she will have amazing things planned for the future.

    1. Thanks for such lovely words and I look forward to crafting with you again this year...hope you and your family are keeping

  2. Totally agree with the emailer?! I really can't remember how long ago we had our first workshop (and it has been some years!) but I have always enjoyed every single one and I can honestly say that good friendships have been made during that time -including your lovely self. Here's to many more great times together
    Those snippets look appealing Jo! I shall be looking forward to the new things from 'Clarity Pergamano'. I just need more money lol
    Take care and see you soon Love Chrissie xx

    1. Oh bless you , thanks Chrissie. And oh many years have we been creating together ? You are such a lovely lady and great

  3. Hi Jo I heartily agree with the lady who wrote the email You brought Clarity to Cumbria and what a wonderful experience it has been for our group. Lots of fun, friendly chat and of course, playtime!! (I mean WORK!! ) You bring so many new techniques and tips which make our workshop days fly by.
    Long may it continue. Xx

    1. Thanks Barbara for your lovely words, I love coming up to Cumbria ( home ) and have made such fantastic friends ....long may we craft

  4. Would be signing up for a class if I lived a bit closer! Any chance you might add a class down near Kent? 😋. Xx

    1. Oh Donna, I would love you to come to a class, it would be great to finally meet you ....Thnaks for your continued support on