Friday, 19 August 2016


Good evening all and thanks for joining me, this Friday evening...where has that lovely weather gone?

I have a feeling that it is going to be a wet and windy drive up to Kendal tomorrow..

I am demonstrating all things Clarity, stamps, stencils and Groovi plates at Grosvenor House Papers Summer Crafting was a brilliant day last year, so I am really looking forward to it.

So the last few days I have been busy sorting out samples and demonstrations..

I just hope I have remembered to pack everything...mind you I have three big fingers crossed everything is there..


This evening I thought I would share a piece of home decor with is made with one of the new postcards....

I really wanted to use the postcard in an unusual way...( it's good to try something a bit different )

I started with a wooden heart...( reminds me of a song!!!) , some grunge paste and the double sprig stencil

Then I added some die cuts and embellishments, and die cut some extra leaves.

Don't worry about the colours,not matching,,,they won't look like that for long,,,

I painted everything with black gesso....I do love this part....

Next I add some colour using Inka Gold paint...I water it down and apply it as a wash...

The colours mix really well

Now onto the postcard

I decided on the postcard , that took a while....they are all so lovely...

And I decided to tear the edges...and then started to paint using Inka gold paints, so that it matches the colour tones of the heart

This is so relaxing to do..

I then attached this to the heart and used the extra leaves to overlap in places, to give continuity .

I used some gilding wax around the edges and for highlights, then to finish off I used some Spray and shine,,

A real fun wall hanging to make...

I really enjoy this type of mixed media...even the getting my hands dirty part...

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow..whatever you are doing...

Take care ,

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. See you at Grosvenor tomorrow Jo! Lovely project! Xx

  2. See you at Grosvenor tomorrow Jo! Lovely project! Xx

    1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Barbara,,.xxx

  3. Great heart, I want to do more things like this. Now I understand what mixed media is, I don't know why it was something scary before! XX

    1. Thanks Donna, I know what you mean, so many people of afraid of the words mixed media...but they don't realise that they have probably been doing it without realising...all it means is using different mediums....such as inks and paints on a card.....
      He you are having a great weekend,,,xxx

  4. Lovely artwork. I love the different techniques you have used. xxx