Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thanks ladies.

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. Sorry I haven't been around much this week but I have had lots of prepping to do...I have such a busy couple of weeks ahead....but busy is good.

On Wednesday I went along to a lovely craft group to demonstrate some Pyrography. I have already been to this well run and very friendly group a couple of times and it was great to the numbers have grown...which is testament to Jackie and Sue who run it.

I did intend to take some photos but once I started talking ( yes I was know as chatterbox when I was little ) the time just flew.

So I will share some of my samples with you ...

We could play a game...

Do you recognise the Clarity stamps...?

Can you name the ones that I have used?

This is one of my all time favourite stamps....and yes I do know that I have quite a few...

How about this one ?



I did manage one photo, right at the end..

I must thank the lovely lady who helped me and packed my bags....I think I need you to come home with me...

This is the gorgeous Thank You card that Jacki made for me...I love it ...

I just need to add some information here for a couple of the ladies....the Pyrography machine that I was telling you about is the Peter Child one and can be found here .....

I am off now as Karl has just arrived I had better get his meal on the table...and the craft stash off...

It is Clarity Cumbria on Saturday and I am so looking forward to seeing our lovely crafters seems ages since we last met up.

I am travelling up tomorrow as I want to go and spend some time with my parents , they were involved in a car accident last week . Luckily they were not badly injured , the same can not be said about the car , but it is things like this that just shake you up a bit...

So I will wish you all a lovely weekend, stay safe ...and tell someone special that you love them....

It works for me...

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Hi Jo these are lovely You are so talented! So sorry to hear of your mum and dad's accident and am relieved for you all that they were not badly hurt. My best wishes to them.
    Looking forward to our class on Saturday. Xx

  2. oh wow Jo! what fab projects. i must say that horse looks in it's element pyrographed on the box. have a great week end and enjoy the time with your parents, hugs xxx

  3. I bet all the group had fun giving pyrography a try. Great samples, have fun on Saturday. Xx

  4. Lovely pyrography Jo, you've been busy :-) Sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad, hope they're ok as it must have really shook them up xxx

  5. Oh your poor parents, glad they are ok, the car can be replaced.
    Wow those lucky ladies, I love love love your samples above, I can't wait to have a go. Off to nosey at the link above xx

  6. Lovely samples Jo. So sorry to hear about your mum and dad - hope they are getting over the shock and that their insurers are being helpful. Take care x

  7. Lovely write up Jo and great samples, love the photo.
    Thanks for the link.