Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A cold start ....

Good evening and thanks for joining me...I am just cooking some noodles has been a cold and frosty day here today so I feel like a nice big dish of hot noodles and vegetables...

On our dog walk today Eric was introduced to frosty grass and it did make him jump....his paws got so cold...he and Tess still get on really well....we are so pleased....and he keeps falling asleep on her....and oh he is growing....( special hugs to a lovely couple who are very dear to me and lost one of their dogs recently....xx)

This morning I was Mums Taxi first thing and took Adam and Emily to the airport...they have gone to Brussels for a few the Christmas markets...they were so excited...

So after some cleaning I actually got around to making some Christmas cards...even writing some and getting them in the post...

Here is one of them using the Holly Wreath you know I do love the Clarity Stencils....

I started by using my eBosser....remember you can emboss with your stencils..

And then I added some colour using Adirondack inks and make up sponges...

How quick was I added some of my favourite Sweet Lilac Flowers and leaves....the Holly leaves are fab...

Next some gems and liquid pearls.

And finally a sentiment from the Clarity Letter Box Word set...

And job done....

One down......lots more to go.!!!!

So how about a different stencil....just to mix it up a little....

And then a little wooden heart....just for good measure with the left overs.

So a few jobs ticked off the list today...

Hope you have had a productive day too....and before I go I must just say Hello to our latest Blog follower...thank you so much for joining us and I hope you will be happy here...

Enjoy your evening all and keep warm , I think it is going to be another cold one...

Love and hugs,

Jo. xxxx




  1. Certainly getting colder, hats gloves and scarf on standby! I am planning my first Clarity entry into the monthly challenge after your reply the other day. Hopefully time won't get away from me and I manage to find time to play! Tess and Eric look so happy together, when is your chocolate one arriving? ;)

    1. I will look out for your entry....and yes a chocolate lab would complete the set

  2. hiya jo.....i love your pictures ....the doggies look very content which is wonderful! sitting here awaiting news of shauns op. everything crossed. living your cards too - a great idea xx

    1. Got everything crossed for you both...hugs....xx

  3. Hi Jo, two lovely cards, might just have to pinch the idea, if that's ok...Tess and Eric look so cosy together don't they, it's lovely to see that they are so happy xx

    1. Thanks Lisa, and yes off course , I would be flattered if you took inspiration from my work...I am so pleased that anyone actually reads my little

  4. I always read it, just don't always get chance to leave you a message xx

  5. I love the photo of Tess and Eric, Jo. They look very snuggly.

    Love the cards too. I wish mine were coming on as well! x

  6. Hi Jo - love the photo of Tess and Eric. Your cards are lovely - I'm so far behind in getting mine done - though did manage to make four for overseas today. xx

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