Saturday, 18 February 2012

Scrappy Friday

Friday, saw the second of my Scrapbooking Crops. This is the page which I created for a special friend, which features her daughter in a dance production. I enjoyed making the rosette and the bunting, both of  these techniques I hope to incorporate in future projects.
Once again it was lovely to meet up with fellow crafters and meet new ones, at this point I must say hi to Brenda.
This page was created by our newest member and I'm sure you will agree, she has made a great job of it.
It is always great to see new members, so if you live in the Poynton area do come along to our next crop. Tea and biscuits provided, it will be great see you.


  1. Those look great Jo. I would love to do a scrapbook but never seem to get round to it! Shame I work full time or I could come and do it on a Friday with you. Let me know if you are doing any more Saturdays! Jane xx

  2. Hello Jo
    I have given your blog an award...if you pop over to mine you will see what it is! Jane xx