Monday, 19 June 2017

Clarity Open Days

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in.

Sorry for the lack of posts but it was a very busy weekend down in Kent...

I had workshops on Wednesday , then an early start on Thursday...the open days Friday and Saturday , I finally pulled onto the drive at 10-45pm on Saturday....long days but well worth it....and I even managed the drive both ways without any problems...

Unfortunately, we were so busy that I didn't have much time to take photos so I have borrowed some from Lynne, and some from Clarity...thanks both....hope you don't mind


I managed to take a couple before the doors opened

This was my crafty space

Three lovely ladies hatching a plan

Sam looking professional

And then,,,,Jayne joined us lol..

I do love catching up with this wonderful lady

We normally have a group photo , but time just got the better of us soon it was time to open the doors

And let the fun begin

It was so good to meet Alex from Hochanda, what a special lady, and wow, so stunning...I did feel little and old next to don't look to close...please

( you know how I hate having my photo taken )





I made lots of samples with Stencils and ink blending

And the odd canvas too

It was so good to catch up with Barbara, the team, old friends and make new ones....

A really fabulous two days...

Back home now and preparing for the next few workshops. Plus on Wednesday karl and I are renting a van to take Mikey and Frans things to their new flat in Nottingham...

So that is all four of them now moved out so we are back to two adults and two dogs...

I'm getting off now as a trip to IKEA is in order this evening to buy more furniture for the kids....

We are getting quite good at this building malarkey...

Before I go, do tune into our Rosie , tonight and tomorrow with her one day special....

It was such a pleasure to meet and spent time with her , what a lovely lady....

Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxxx



  1. It was lovely to meet up with you Jo and of course I do not mind you using any photos I took. I loved what you were doing and have just been putting all my new stash away ready for a crafty play. I have also booked tickets for Leyburn will be good to come North and meet everyone. X x

  2. Looks like fun Jo! We can't wait for our workshops with Barbara in July, and I think that shell stencil might just be on my shopping list. Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet at home? x

  3. Sounds like a good few days hope you find a little bit of time to put your feet up!

  4. Thanks for sharing Jo , looks lovely and fun , lucky lucky ladies . Janice

  5. Fab blog Jo, can tell you were really busy, I really don't know how you fit everything in. Gorgeous samples.... X

  6. It was great to catch up with you Jo. x

  7. Many thanks for your lovely comments ladies...hugs xxxxx

  8. Glad you had fun on the open days. I'm sure everyone was entranced watching your demos. Lots of new things learnt be everyone. Xx