Thursday, 3 March 2016

Time for a puzzle,

Good evening all and thanks for popping in this evening. I hope your day has gone well..

I have been busy getting designs sorted out and emails sent ready for next Wednesday classes, and then tomorrow it will be time to pack up ready for our MDF and Groovi classes at CJ Cardcrafts on Saturday.

I would just like to say ...Good Luck to my lovely friend Emma , who is demonstrating the Groovi system at the SECC show in will be fab Emma....much love and hugs......

So today I thought we could look at the new Jigsaw puzzles that are now available from Clarity. I am so pleased and relieved that everyone loves these, I thought you would as they had been so well received at workshops. There are so many different ways of using them or part of them....great gifts, and children love to design their own too....brilliant for parties...

These jigsaws are very addictive , it is such a good job that they don't come in single jigsaws.

I started by stamping the cockerel and hen stamps using Archival black ink,

The cockerel and hen were protected with their masks so I then I used the outer part of the large moon ( sun ) mask and added some colour.

Next came more colour.

And more.

Now one thing that I have found is that sometimes after adding ink you can see the odd mark on the surface of the jigsaw....don't worry....we can hide it....

Some spritzing with water is a start.

The Wee foliage stamps are just perfect to frame the design

I used spectrum noir pencils to add some colour to the birds and off course some charcoal shading underneath to ground them

Always remember to leave some white or light areas when adding colour.

Next I made a box for the jigsaw...but it was just white I made a picture for the lid , using the same techniques, plus the letterbox stamps .

Sorry I had to take the photo in the kitchen the sun was on my craft table ...look....

I glued the design onto the lid.

Then I thought about the base of the I decorated another piece of card.

And glued this into the base of the box

Then I just carefully slid the jigsaw into position using a piece of tissue paper, pink off course.

Here is a closer look

I am really looking forward to seeing all your designs...we have so many stamps that will look great on a jigsaw.

I have made a couple more and I will share them with you soon.

Just before I go , I would like to wish my lovely sister , Sheila , a speedy recovery. ( she is my right hand lady for Clarity Cumbria ) As she was unwell on Tuesday and had a trip to hospital in an ambulance..

She is back at home now but still needs to take it easy...Thank goodness that Rachel was there...

For that I am very grateful...

Family is so important,

Love and hugs,

Jo. xxx



  1. Absolutely fabulous Jo. What great gifts too xxx

    1. Thanks Barbara, so pleased that you like

  2. Beautiful gift set Jo. I love how you decorated the box. Making boxes is not one of my better 'crafts'.
    I'm sorry to hear your sister was taken ill. Hopefully she is on the mend and taking things easy.

    1. Thanks Chrissie, hope you don't have to much snow this morning....stay safe and

  3. beautiful. well worked out. so much attention to detail. have a fab weekend, hugs xx

    1. Thanks Theresa , and you too, love to your

  4. gorgeous work Jo using my two fave birds - love them to bits - so sorry to hear about your sister - hope all is okay. Sending hugs Rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel, and I will pass on your hugs

  5. Mr and Mrs Cock a Doodle look lovely Jo - very smart! It makes a pretty gift.
    So sorry to hear about Sheila do give her my best wishes and say I hope she feels better soon. Xx

    1. Cheers Barbara, and thanks I will pass on your best

  6. This puzzle really stood out on TV, love it. The puzzles are being added to my basket on Sunday as I want to make them for the children at work. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, and what a great idea, the children will love them....oh and I would love to see them too...if possible,,.hugs...xx

  7. Lovely design may have to give this a try x

    1. Thanks Mary, and oh yes you must.......another crafty play coming