Monday, 18 January 2016

Wee Trees and Foliage

Good morning all and thanks for popping in...hope you had a good weekend,....I certainly did and it was so good to be back with my Clarity Cumbria friends and family..

We had a play with the new Wee Trees and Wee Foliage stamps....these are now officially my new favourites....our first card was well....a sort of book card.....

This was the front....


And this the inner leaf

And finally the open book

With this being the central image,,,

Spot the new Wee House in there...

Look what the wonderful ladies made...

We also had a bit of a shaving foam play and used one of the new Wild Grasses stencils

Oh you Know me...I just love these sort of cards...

Fab work ladies.....

Now as it started to snow after lunch and by 2pm the roads were covered and visibility was getting quite bad we decided to make all the toppers for the last card design but to assemble it at home,,,

Especially as some ladies had over an hour and a half to travel...I am happy to report we all checked in on Saturday evening and everyone got home safe and sound....

Workshops are such a great way to learn new techniques and just meet and craft with lovely like minded people...we have many across the uk so do check the Challenge blog to find one ...

And join in the fun....

Just before I go and start the To Do list for this week....

I couldn't resist sharing this photo from yesterday with you...

Tess and Eric....oh they had such a wonderful time....

Stay safe and warm everyone...

Much love as always...

Jo. xxx



  1. Wow I love your book style card, unusual and stunning. Glad you all got home safe and sound. Beautiful photo of Tess and Eric, they seem less bothered by the weather! Have a great week xxxxx

  2. Fab cards Jo. And glad to see you all got home safely. It was bad here too but all gone now thank goodness x

  3. Fab cards Jo. And glad to see you all got home safely. It was bad here too but all gone now thank goodness x

  4. Lovely cards Jo. I do love your shaving foam technique.
    Pleased you got back safe and sound. x

  5. it was such a lovely day jo. reallt enjoyed it. thankyou again lovely lady xx

  6. Beautiful cards by the class, they must have a great teacher! I love the fold out one, such a striking design. Dogs do love the snow don't they! Phoebe likes it but the snow collects on her long fur and turns to ice, which she doesn't like and neither do I when I have to get it out. No snow here thankfully, enjoy yours. Xx

  7. Love the book style card. I think I will give it a try when I get a chance. We have had snow here in Glasgow too over the weekend, which has brought much joy to many.
    I have spent the weekend catching up on my washing as I was without a washing machine for nearly six weeks. Now that that is done, I can think about crafting and have a couple of card orders to make for the weekend to make. It will be nice to sit and craft with my extra time this week (job hours have reduced).

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  9. Love them all Jo, especially the book card. I'm glad you didn't get snowed in xxx

  10. Looks like another fab workshop, Jo - glad everyone made it home safely xx

  11. Love the book card Jo. Looks like you had lots of fun on Saturday. xxx

  12. book cards ;look great. wish your workshops were nearer...... hugs xx

  13. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I do love to read them and it is always great to get feed back and to know that you are there...warm hugs....xxxxx