Friday, 29 January 2016

A Groovi Friday

Good morning all, hope your Friday has started well. I am just home after walking Tess and Eric and my goodness it is windy outside take care all...

Now apparently Google is removing followers from our blogs....!!!!!!grrrrrr

So I have borrowed some information from my friend and fellow DT member Janet Pring


Please note that if you follow my blog (or anyone else's) by friends connect and you haven't signed up by using a google account, google are removing you. Apparently now you can only use friends connect to follow a blog if you have a google account. If you are finding that you aren't seeing all the blogs you normally follow, it is beyond the control of the bloggers, so please don't think you are being blocked!


I have to say I was getting quite upset when I was loosing followers, I thought I was doing something wrong on my blog and offending people...

So please sign in with a google account if possible....thanks...

Right back to today and I thought I would share some Groovi work with you....I have a taster session for crafters coming up in a few weeks , so I have been having a play....

Here is one of the samples that I have made,,,,it is just my take on I hope you like it...

I do love this plate....already it is a favourite....and can be found here

I started by doing the outline and then let it relax....oh so that means time for tea and cake,,,,( shame , but it has to be done ) .


And then my favourite bit....the white work and some subtle colour....

For this one I used Spectrum Noir pencils.

I really loved making this and the best bit, everything was quickly put away in my storage ( now you know how I love's a crafter thing )

I attached the parchment to black card using brads.

If you have bad weather this weekend, Groovi is a brilliant way to spend some time sat inside in the warm, with that cup of tea and piece of cake...

I am off now to battle the shops and get some food in for the weekend...hungry boys and all that....oh they can eat....

Have a lovely Friday....

And I will see you soon,

Much love and hugs,,,,

Jo. xxx



  1. Morning, I too love poppies and this is just beautiful. Hope to finish a piece of work I am working on this weekend.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Beautiful Jo I too love this plate..I have just been to click and collect but ten git wet through unloading car back at home...cup of tea now x

  3. Beautiful Jo I too love this plate..I have just been to click and collect but ten git wet through unloading car back at home...cup of tea now x

  4. Such a pretty design, Jo. I have to say, whilst I am not happy with followers being removed, I was quite relieved to find it wasn't just me. Like you, I thought I had upset people! xx

  5. Oh so beautiful! Just starting out on the groovi trail but so looking forward to creating x

    1. Thanks Isobel, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, and you will love your Groovi journey...X

  6. Beautiful groovi card, these plates are on my list to get ASAP. Hope the weather hasn't been too bad for you. How horrible to have followers removed! Must have been a bit worrying till you knew why. XX

  7. this is lovely Jo - so very pretty - I too have lost some followers - I hope too many more don't disappear!! Big hugs rachel x

  8. so i see you have succumbed to the groovi system. great work. have a great weekend. hugs xx

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies, it is great to know that you are with me and my little