Monday, 14 August 2017

Another Monday

Good afternoon all, and thanks for popping in....I do hope that your week has started well.

I have spent all day working on samples for upcoming television...more new goodies , you are going to love them....I started very early as Karl left at 6am I just got up, walked the dogs and then started crafting...I needed a productive day,,,as it is another very busy week

Toaday I have a card for you using the Elements stamps...all four on one card...I do love to make these sort of designs..

I started with a piece of stencil card and some masking tape

Next came the stamping

And some inking

I used Artistry ink pads

And filled in one corner at a time

Until all four were complete

Some water spritzing....or Happy Clappy as we call it at our workshops

And then I removed the tape

Added a word

Followed by some charcoal pencil and some white Posca pen dots.

Some matting and layering and glossy Accents...and job done...

Four elements on one card . A bit like the weather at the moment,,,we seem to have days with sun, rain, and wind all entwined .

I must admit we had a little sunny spell today so I treated myself to a coffee in the garden,,,my trusty companions joined me

A little update on Elliot and I am happy to say he came home on this weekend we have been so excited as we took him out in his pram....our first walk pushing the pram...Grandma and Grandad were grinning like Cheshire cats...

He has to keep going back for more tests , but the main thing is that both Danielle and him are at home,,,

He wanted to say you all....

I have had so many cuddles,,,

And I just love every minute of it... puts everything into perspective...

Better get on...I have a chilli to make before Karl gets home,,,

Good to have a catch up....thanks for joining me

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Great card and you're right about the weather..everything in one day at the moment.
    Glad to see Elliot is doing OK and is home! Hadn't he got lots of dark hair!!!
    Still can't believe you're a grandma!
    Hugs xxx

  2. I love this card Jo. So pleased you've had lots of cuddles this weekend. Hugs xxx

  3. Lovely photo of you both, grandma! Xxx

  4. Such lovely photos Jo! He's a very handsome little chap!! Hope to see you on Saturday at Grosvenor. Xx

  5. Gorgeous card Jo, lovely to see you having a cuddle with your beautiful grandson xx

  6. Beautiful card and beautiful baby! Bet your cuddles are lovely now everyone is home. Xx

  7. Thnak you ladies, I really appreciate your lovely comments...xxxx

  8. Beautiful card Jo. Your grandson is so beautiful & lovely mop of hair. He looks a contented little boy
    (Hugs) xx Chrissie