Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just for you Donna,,

Good evening all, and thanks for joining me today...

How is your week going? I am still struggling with health issues and Eric has Kennel cough....

What a dreadful few days it has been , I didn't realise that dogs could still get it after having their vaccinations..

It is such a horrible virus, I really thought he was chocking at first...

Thank goodness he is feeling much better today after a few days of Honey, extra vitamins and probiotics...I just hope that Tess doesn't catch it next,,.as she is much older than him...

Any of you who have pets will understand how hard it has been...

This obviously means that they can't go into the kennels whilst we are in Ireland for the weekend, so Adam and Danielle have sorted their work patterns out to look after them both.

Today it was our Hazel Grove workshops and we made Christmas cards, and we decorated a bauble....I do love these baubles...

A great way to give a personalised gift.

We also had cake thanks to Julie and Lucy, looks like the diet will have to wait for another day...

I have had quite a few enquiries about one of our cards from Clarity Cumbria on Saturday.

So this is especially for you Donna, ( thanks for the question and your continued support on this little blog )

I started by stamping the frame and then cutting out the middle part to make an aperature

Then I stamped up the frame.

On black card I stamped the Fuchsia stamp using VersaMark ink , and the Heat embossed using Clear embossing powered.

Then using my Inka Gold paints and a fine paintbrush I added some colour. I just spritz the pots with water and then use the paint straight from the pot.

I have to say, I always spritz the paint too before I put it away, I find this helps and stops it drying out.

I painted the borders , plus stamped and coloured a butterfly

Then just assembled the design

I do think this design would look good if painted with mica powders too...I must try that,,

I really hope that you like this technique, I just love to get many uses out of my crafty one trick wonders in my craft

Well, I had better get on, thanks for listening...

Have you started your Christmas cards yet? I have now...yah...

Two down....lots still to do...

Call back soon

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Hi Jo what lovely baubles the ladies in your workshop have made - inspiration for me when I have a go with the ones I bought from you!
    So sorry to hear about Eric having kennel cough , hope he recovers soon and fingers crossed forTess. Xx

  2. Beautiful Jo, I have never used in a gold but that's a useful tip to remember.
    Hope Eric feels better soon and Tess stays healthy. Apparently it's a bit like the flu jab, doesn't necessarily stop you from getting the flu but you shouldn't suffer as badly and should recover much quicker xx

  3. Beautiful baubles. I have some that I got last year but have still to do something with them. Perhaps now should dig them out and play with some images to put in them.

  4. You need to do a tut on the baubles Jo , and I do hope your fur baby gets better soon .
    See you soon Tink xx

  5. this is s gareat card. those baubles look fab too. where do you get those from? hugs xx
    ps: hope you get better soon xx

  6. Hi Jo , love the baubles, and the card is beautiful, poor Eric where has he got that from ? I didn't think he had been in kennels recently, but that isn't the only place to catch it , I hope he gets well soon much love and hugs. Xx

  7. Gorgeous baubles and beautiful card. Sorry to hear you not well and that Eric is suffering. I remember when we had a dog how I worried about her. Hope you all better soon. I am down with a stomach bug and do not like being ill. Especially as I was going to get those Christmas cards done. Never mind always another day. Take care x x x

  8. Those baubles look stunning. Hope Eric gets well soon.
    Love MFM

  9. Oh Jo, so good of you to do the steps thank you! I don't have the Inca gold paints but do have some Cosmic Shimmer mica paints that will work. Thanks for the idea, I do love my flower stamps from Jayne. Sorry that Eric has been poorly, such a worry when our fur babies are ill. As for Christmas cards I have made a grand total of 0 so far this year............still loads of time! 😂. Xx