Friday, 7 October 2016

A colourful Friday

Good afternoon and thanks for joining me, and oh my goodness we have another new follower...I am jumping up and down with excitement..

Today I wanted to share some more colours of ink with you...if you remember last week we took a look at the new Artistry ink pads....

A dye based ink pad...very juicy, very versatile and a real must have...

Now those of you who are regulars on here will know that I love autumn colours....and use those colour tones so much....

So I thought we could look at the equivalent colours in the Artistry ink pads...

I made myself a swatch of the Distress ink colours that I normally use and then added some similar Artistry inks , and chose the nearest match...

And this is what I came up with
Mustard Seed - Golden Turmeric
Spiced Marmalade - Orange Popsicle
Abandoned Coral - Blushing Rose
Candied Apple - Blaze
I also needed a good brown.- Burnt Umber.
And there is the most wonderful deep burgundy colour - Fine Wine, I have used this so much.

I also repeated it with blues and greens,

I found it a great way to help me decide on which of the large ink pads to buy first...

I do hope it helps you too...

Do let me know what you think

Here is a quick and simple card made using the Artistry ink pads...

In fact we are using them tomorrow in our Clarity Glasgow workshop...I do love coming up here...

At the moment I am sat in our hotel room with a lovely cup of coffee...

I must just tell you something that happened today...

And I hope it makes you smile...( it did me...eventually )

Karl and me set off early this morning, we had a decent journey up and Karl had an appointment in Edinburgh.

So whilst he went into the lab, I sat in the car, Groovi at hand to get on with some samples

Now as he walked off, I heard the doors , the central locking , locked them...

Oh no....I looked for the keys....yes he had them

I reached for my phone, only to notice that he had left his in the car with me...

I tried to unlock the doors, and all that happened was the car alarm went off.....

Well, not only did I feel a fool, but I was worried that the alarm would flatten the battery.

So , I sat still, motionless for 40 minutes , getting hotter and hotter....

Karl eventually came back to the car, ( thank goodness)

He said my face was a picture!!!!!!! And not a good one...

Good job we can laugh.....

But it will cost

So we are off now for dinner....

Enjoy your evening and pop back soon

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx




  1. Oh that's brilliant Jo! I can just imagine you getting hotter and more cross by the minute! Many thanks for the ink pad comparison, very useful. Enjoy your dinner, and see you tomorrow - can't wait!!! X

  2. I hope the dinner has a nice chilled bottle of wine to go with it.
    Thanks for colour charts very helpful. Enjoy Clarity Glasgow.

  3. It feels mean to laugh at your expense but it is highly entertaining. As you say it will cost him! Thanks for taking the trouble to match up the inks. Really useful. Have a great workshop tomorrow (actually doesn't need saying) Wish I lived nearer. Look forward to seeing what the ladies produce.xx

  4. Oh Jo - only you. Enjoy tomorrow xx

  5. Oh no jo....sounds like a nightmare to me. Glad you can laugh about it. Enjoy yourself tomorrow....i know you will. Big hugs rachel x

  6. Oh! What an experience! Glad it wasn't any longer for you.
    Really looking forward to tomorrow. I have an empty tonight so I am going to make lots of crafty mess tonight and not clear it up until Sunday. Gelli plate is going to get messy and perhaps some canvases too!
    Enjoy your evening and see you in the morning.

  7. Hahaha. I hope you got your fave tipple out of him xx

  8. Hahaha. I hope you got your fave tipple out of him xx

  9. Oopsy lol. Colour guide very helpful thank you as I will be investing at some point soon hopefully xx

  10. There are certainly some lovely colours in the Artistry inks, nicely demonstrated, Jo. Glad you got out of the car! Lucky it was not too hot a day, you would have had to get people to rescue you! xx

  11. Oh dear what an experience, I know if that happened to me I would immediately decide I needed the loo. Better make sure you have a spare key next time. I appreciate your colour comparisons as it will help me decide which to buy. xx

  12. Thank you Jo, great to have some colour comparisons. I did that in my sisters car, she had popped into the supermarket and i waited in the car. I heard the doors lock and thought if I moved the alarm would go off. After about 20 minutes she came back and told me the alarm would only go off if I opened the doors! We did laugh, she always brings it up if I wait in the car now! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Donna, you made me feel so much better to know that it's not just me,,,xxx

  13. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies, we had a great day yesterday...and yes we are still laughing about our 'car' incident...much love...xxxx