Saturday, 25 June 2016

Book box.

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. I am just home after a fabulous day in Cumbria.

It was our monthly workshop and it was great to have a passenger with me today . Thanks Julie for your company...even though there wasn't much room left for you.( sorry )

We had some mixed media play ...

This is what we did....a book box...


It started as a wooden box from The Creativ Company

And we covered it with die cut shapes and embellishments.

Front and back

Next came the black gesso....I do love this bit

So did Barbara

Then a wash of Inka gold paint....followed by some gilding wax...

Look at the shine...

The aperture would be great for a photograph but today we made a piece of art using a certain favourite Clarity stencil of mine...

Look what the ladies and gent made

The photo really doesn't do them justice...

So I took a few close ups...


They really are amazing

I am so proud of you all, it was great to have a new lady join us and I am really looking forward to seeing you again Cheryl.

And I did notice Dee that your box is missing from the photo....sorry...I don't know how that happened...

Dee used white gesso and her box is stunning...we all thought that it would make a beautiful wedding gift...

I think that may just be a future class.

I would love to know what you think of our box's ....

Although I had to crack the whip to get the projects finished...we all still had time for tea and cake ...just perfect...( thanks Sheila and Freda )

Well I think it is time for feet up and a glass or two of bubbles...

Enjoy your evening all

Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxx



  1. oh wow Jo - it looks like I missed an amazing class - will have to try and do my own piece at home! Big hugs rachel x

  2. Oh Jo such talent, having found your Blog and answered my own question, the instructions are here and appear to be easy to follow so, I am going to have a go, so beware if I get into trouble I will be on the phone, much love and hugs xxx

  3. Oh wow these are beautiful! I have dipped my toe into this technique and made a small MDF monolith using my random die cuts in my tub. I love the way it all looks very random until the black gesso goes on and then it looks like the layers were always there. I used gilding wax but don't have any of the paint so may have to get some. Xx

  4. Ignore my email about what to use after the black gesso . I just Reread you blog here and voila ---- I have the answer . Guess it's too early in the am and not enough coffee .

  5. They're beautiful Jo, the ladies did so well, wish I was closer so I could come! Hope you and your Mum are well, thinking of you, I'm ok xxx

  6. Wow! Jo, your project is absolutely stunning! I wish I lived near you so that I could attend all of your fun workshops!! We don't have workshops like you have around me!
    I just love your work and your wonderful tutorials!
    Big smiles and hugs, Sheryl

  7. Thanks ladies for your wonderful comments, and I am more than happy for you to use my blog as a sort of workshop on line...if you have any questions just can email me ....

  8. They look fantastic Jo. xxx