Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cats Entwined.

Good afternoon all, hope you had a lovely day yesterday...we had rain nearly all day but as I was busy planning workshop projects it didn't really matter. What a difference is blue skies and sunshine...

It has been another busy day but I have just finished loading my car ready for tomorrow's classes.

Did you see Barbara and Paul on tv this weekend? I just need time to watch them on catch up...if only Clarity could start selling time...!!!! But thank goodness Hochanda is back on my tv now..

I have managed to watched Barbara's first show..and thought that I would share one of my samples with you.

It uses the lovely Cats Entwined stamp set..

As soon as I saw this set , I knew exactly what I had to make...well it would have been rude not to !!!!

And I know my lovely friend Theresa would be expecting one...

I started with a piece of Stencil card , the large fern stamp and a green ink pad...

Remember to turn the card through 90 degrees after each stamping, doing the first four stamps..

Then the ones in between.

Next I used the smaller fern stamp and a lighter coloured ink pad

I thought that the cat looked so cool , as though he was strutting out of the wreath

Oh and some paw prints too..

I used a VersaMark pen and some clear embossing powder to make him pop...

And some charcoal to ground him...

P u r f e c t .....( sorry couldn't resist it )

So versatile,,,and a great design for a cat lover...

I have to whisper the word Tess and Eric are sat at my feet ...and they like to chase cats....its a dog thing!!!

Better get on, got a Lasagna in the oven and I need to go and check it.

Have a lovely evening...and nearly the middle of the week...

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Beautiful, I love this technique and have used it at different times. Always makes a great card. Xx

  2. It had to be yours Jo! It's really lovely, I have a couple of people who would enjoy this card! Xx

  3. Lovely design. I did laugh at the C A T comment, same here lol xx