Tuesday, 10 November 2015

So glad to be back...

Good afternoon all, oh my goodness have I missed chatting to you. What a week last week was.

It all started on Monday morning when checking my emails on my iPad and the screen just went black....

Yes it was fully charged, I tried the reboot method, nothing but a black screen!!!!!

I went to the Apple Store and they had no idea....other than it was Tuesday it went off to the apple hospital.....and they weren't able to revive it......

As it was only six months old they have sent me a new that is great news.....

The bad news is that unfortunately I didn't have it all backed up to I have lost all my photos....

So no tutorials for a while ...sorry....

Like all good lessons....the first thing I did with this new one was to switch the iCloud please learn from my mistakes....and double check that everything is backed up....

Honestly I felt so lost without my little mate...

It was workshop day in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire last Wednesday...and we talked about the use of watercolour techniques for backgrounds and toppers. We also had some Gelli play and spent some time using Color Burst Powders.

On Thursday I went to the NEC and spent a wonderful day with Angela and Theresa, it is so good to catch up with such loyal and lovely friends.

The Clarity stand looked fab and it was great to spend time with Barbara, Paul, Maria, Heather, Len and Jayne....although I did miss seeing Dave...( but glad to know he is feeling better )

Friday it was time to take some new stock into Crookilleycrafts

Now I took these photos on my phone....just so that I would have something to share with you...

These are some new pyrography mirrors..

Also some hanging Pyrography Christmas decorations.

Also some with pyrography and paint

Then on to the weekend when we had a wonderful time making wedding invitations. My sister, niece and her fiancé came to stay , we did have some time off to eat and have the odd glass of wine....

The time just photos sorry ....well not until we have sent them out....but they do look stunning...

Then yesterday I was up early as I had lots of projects to prep....

There, I think you are up to date now....

I hope your week went well....and that you had a lovely weekend too....

So good to be back,

Love and Hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Glad you got a new iPad Jo - sorry about the photos you lost. It was great spending time with you too on Thursday. Catch you soon xx

  2. Shame you lost your photos Jo, iCloud is good as long as you've enough storage on it (mine filled real quick with photos!) - I tend to use Google Photos now and all my snaps go up there.

    1. Thanks for the info Jo, I will look into was such a hard lesson......xx

  3. sounds a bit like a computer nightmare but so glad you got a new one! Sounds like you had a fun time making the invitations! Beautiful stuff for the shop! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Big hugs rachel x

  4. Thought you had been quiet!! What a shame about all your photos. Look forward to seeing you soon xx

  5. i enjoyed our day at NEC too. sorry to hear about the demise of your iPad. great projects here. i love the 'plain' christmas decorations, hugs xx

  6. Oh dear it makes your heart sink doesn't it when you realise all your photos are lost. Better luck with your new one. Sound like a busy week for you Jo, must be due a nice holiday! Lovely crafty things, bet they sell really well. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, so good to be back,,,just need to catch up and take lots of photos

  7. So nice to have you back. I have really missed your blogs

    1. Bless you Sara, that is such a lovely thing to say....hugs...xx

  8. I wondered where you were. Never known you to be so quiet. I learnt a long time ago to back up all my files but I still have to nag D!
    I really love the new pyrography goodies. The grandchildren will love the ornaments so I will need a detour next week. Take care x

  9. Sorry about your photos. It is one reason I still take photos with my digital camera. It is ancient compared to some but they are all saved on SD cards should computer say NO!
    Wish I had caught you at NEC. I didn't get down till the Saturday and had to fly back the same day. Never mind, just means bigger hugs to come!!! Lovely Pyrography my dear. Hugs xx