Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Good evening all, and how is your week going? I have had a very busy few days getting some orders made...I am so pleased that my little order book is fit to burst at the moment...

Did you see Barbara on Sunday? Great shows as usual....and today on HOCHANDA a one day wonder....perfect for all Groovi Chicks ....

Do check out all the new stash on the Clarity website...( and as you know I love poppies...that is all I am saying...)

Today I am going to show you a step by step for one of my samples....

As you know I do love working with Stencils....and this design is so quick and simple...but hopefully effective...

It all started with a piece of stencil card and the bell stencil.

The top was taped to make a hinge...

I started with a stencil brush , some yellow and orange ink. ( and yes...I love my new carved pumpkin D.I. )

Next I added some detail with a make up sponge and torn paper. My top tip here is always remember to dab your sponge on the side of the stencil first....not straight onto the card...

When I took the stencil away...this is what I had

Next I covered this area up with the inner part of the stencil...and then added the outer part.

I then repeated the brush and make up part of the design....but this time I just went a shade darker....

This helps with the illusion that this bell is behind the first one...

Then I just added some ribbon and a seasonal flower.

I do love this type of is a closer look

I do hope you like this....or is it just not your cup of tea? Do let me know...

Before I go I need to just say Hi to a very good friend of mine who is under the weather at the moment...

I hope you feel better soon Sharon....and Mike....thanks for looking after her....hugs to both of you...

Time now to do the pots and then more pyrography....both boys are at work and Karl has gone to watch some me and the dogs are going to craft...

Thanks for popping in...

Enjoy your evening..

Love and hugs as always..

Jo. xxx



  1. Lovely card and lovely shading too. Tracy x

    1. This is fab Jo. I feel another stencil purchase coming on. 😊😋😄 hugs xx

    2. Thanks Theresa, perhaps next Thursday...really looking forward to seeing you and catching

  2. Great shading, I have these stencils on their way to me so can try this out. Phoned CJ Cardcraft and ordered my snowglobe die, thanks for the heads up! Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, look forward to hearing what you get up too with your stencils,..and your new

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  5. Fantastic shading, you make it look so easy, I must go and practise xx

  6. Fabulous shading Jo makes a wonderful card xx

  7. ab fab jo .... this is really brilliant. thanks for the steps too. glad you are so busy clever lady xx

  8. Great blog. You're shading is always beautiful.

  9. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my little blog and then leave a make my

  10. Hi Jo, beautiful, who makes this stencil please? would love to try this x

    1. Morning Lynsey, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment....the stencil is from Claritystamp and is available on the website or by phoning the office.
      01732 868215.....I would love to know how you get on....hugs...xx