Thursday, 21 April 2016

Alphabet Word Chain Stamps,

Good afternoon all, and what a gorgeous afternoon it is, I do hope that the sun is shinning for you ..

It is a beautiful day here in Cheadle Hulme, and Tess and Eric are enjoying some time in the garden...

I am sat at my craft desk working away, but I may just get five minutes later with them and a cup of tea.

Yesterday it was our regular classes in Hazel Grove, and as always it was a pleasure to be in the company of such fabulous ladies.

I still have some samples to share with you from Barbara's last to show,,.

This one uses the wonderful new Alphabet Word Chain stamps...

I thought it was a great way to show how useful and versatile these are...

I started with a large piece of card and put a strip of masking tape on it...

Now I did write Barbara's blog address on paper that I could copy it....

I used Black Archival ink and stamped the letters....phew....they just fit on.....that was lucky.....

Then out with three Distress inks and a piece of acetate....and some smooshing.....

By adding the colour this way , I could see exactly where I wanted the colour to be...

Some black card to make the letters pop...

And job done, a bright design to advertise Barbars blog address, and I was so pleased that it looked good on the tv too..

Better get on , I have a Lasagna to get in the oven ready for when Karl and Adam get home...

Hope you have a lovely evening,

Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxx



  1. Brilliant! Enjoy your lasagne! X

  2. Brilliant, I so want these letters, so useful. Is smooshing a technical term then. Love the background. Going cool here now so hope you got that cup of tea in the garden. xx

    1. Hi Lynne ...yes Smooshing is technique for making inky backgrounds. It is similar to the cleaning up your mat background but this way you have more control. You just put some ink from an ink pad onto a piece of acetate , spritz it , turn it over and smoosh it onto your card, where you want and as many times as you want. Because you add the colours one at a time , there is less chance of it going muddy.....I love this and it has gone down really well at workshops...
      Hope that helps....Jo. Xx

  3. Fantastic Jo... I should have got you to do one for me...unless I pinch it lol xxx

  4. Fantastic Jo... I should have got you to do one for me...unless I pinch it lol xxx

  5. great work Jo - lovely work xx

  6. this was a great idea. need to get that smooshing technique. you should do one for your blog now, hugs xx

  7. Great idea, I love my alphabet with its funky style of letters. I really like the colouring technique, will be using that one! Xx

  8. Thanks ladies, as always it is great to read your comments, and yes I need to make one for me...good idea Theresa, and off course one for you too Emma.....
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. Great smooshing going on there x