Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wee Folk....

Good afternoon all and welcome to another new follower ....I really do appreciate all of you who spend some time on here with me...and yes I know some of you just read my waffle and are not able to leave a comment,,,,( I would mention names from the Wednesday workshops....but it may take all day!!! )

Did you have a good weekend. ?

It was a quiet one here with that dreaded flu bug lingering...Adam now has tonsillitis and a chest infection....and I just can't believe how tired I am...but Thanks to Little...or not so little Eric there is always some reason to smile....


Did you manage to catch Barbara with the Clarity show on Sunday morning....I have to say that the Wee Folk stamps are my new favourite and I am not surprised that they sold out so quickly...

Here is one of my samples that was featured on the show...


One of my set designs is to use four small toppers on a I started with four pieces of Gelli card....and some Lettuce Adirondack ink.

That was the first for some meadow ink and the second hill.

Next I added some sky...( using a clarity mask for the sun)

And some sun..

Next some shade around the edges to frame the scene...
I find if I make all four at the same time I am more likely to get them to resemble each other...

And now to the stamping....the hardest bit ....which four stamps to choose.....???

Well the lady walking the dog was an obvious choice..

And some romance...

And this one is adorable....

Oh and this one...

The words are from the A Million Thank Yous stamp set and the lovely floral border is from the Floral Figures Remountable stamps,,

All the stamps are available from the Clarity web site...

Or by phoning Clarity Towers and speaking to Janice....01732-868215...she is so lovely and always really helpful...

Well it is that time again...Eric and Tess have three walks a day at the it is time for walk number three...sometimes I feel like I am walking my legs wonder I am so short....I do worry that one day I may end up as one of Dave's Wee Folk.....

On that note I will leave you much a smile and a hug...

Take care and pop back soon.

Jo. xxx



  1. Beautiful card Jo and thank you for the tutorial. I hope to soon add some wee folk to my crafty stash. See you Saturday xx

  2. Really lovely design, might have to pinch some of your design ideas ;-)

    Enjoy walkies with Tess and Eric, it's a challenge with 2 but lovely x

  3. 3 walks a day?! no wonder you are always so trim! this card is lovely and really stood out on telly. thought it might be yours, hugs xx

  4. My wee folk are on their way to me. Love this design with the four scenes, would look great as the seasons for a calendar. What lucky doggies! I bet they have fun on their walks. Xx

  5. Lovely card. Thanks for sharing. Those doggies of yours are very lucky and obviously very loved.

  6. Lovely card, Jo - I like all your little scenes! Hope you enjoyed your walk xx

  7. This is so lovely and all the different stamps and mask go together so well. I hope you enjoyed walk number 3. Our two little yorkies also get 3 walks a day but I don't think they need to walk as far as your dogs. Would love to be able to stand wee Jo on my work table to guide me as I craft. Xx

    1. Thanks Jeanette, your comment did make me smile...and I would love to be crafting with you...hopefully sometime this

    2. Morning Jo blogger fell out with me yesterday but I must've been good cos he's obviously friendly again today. I love this card and all the samples from Sunday. The couple on the bench is my and grumpy xx

  8. Beautiful card Jo, I love the design x

  9. loved the show and love this card x

  10. Beautiful card Jo. Love the tutorial thank you :)
    I am going to have to get the wee folk as they just so perfect for all things.
    Hope Adam is on the mend and you get some rest soon. Take care xx