Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Back to Crafting with friends...

Good evening lovely followers, I am so sorry for not posting on here for a few days....but I have been busy getting sorted for a new year of workshops....oh and trying to tidy my craft shelves.....

Did you manage to watch any of Barbara's shows from CHA....? If you missed them they were fab and I think we can safely say the Clarity is well and truly launched in the USA,...I will blog some of my DT samples over the next few days...

As for today it was so good to get back to workshops and crafting with lovely friends...and to be reminded of the genuine, fun and loyal side of craft.

We did some playing with Distress inks today and this is the first card that we made....


We also used the Floral Urn and the Swirl ( MVW88-B) stamps from Clarity....this little swirl stamp is so useful....and it looks great on the envelope ...remember to use permanent ink though....

The second card involved some faux bleaching....the butterfly and sentiment stamps are also from Clarity...

As this officially the year of gifts and home decor I made a framed version too...

I do hope you like what we made....

Thanks for looking in now for some food and then feet up and some tv...





  1. Lovely bright and cheery projects x

  2. Oooo those are lovely.....I've not seen that stamp before!!!!

  3. These are gorgeous Jo. Where's the large stamp from? I hadn't seen the swirl either - another one for the wish list!!! xx

    1. Thanks Angela, all the stamps are Clarity ...the large one is the Floral Urn...F83 is in the catalogue under Asian is so useful....x

  4. Thanks Jo I've never seen it before - it is stunning which means even more for my wish list/need list 😊 I love the framed version! xx

  5. what a lovely set of makes. i've never seen that stamp before. it looks great. looking forward to your cha posts, hugs xx

  6. Ooo lovely colour and like the others, I hadn't seen that stamp before. One to look out for, I think. Glad you had a nice day crafting with friends xx

  7. So glad you had a good day Jo. It's good to get back into the swing of things after a long Xmas break. I too had never noticed this stamp before - you're an expert at weedling these unusual stamps out of the cupboard xx

  8. These are lovely Jo, and great bright colours for this dreary time of year! the stamp is so unusual and not something that i have seen before but then you always manage to find them. See you Saturday xx

  9. Lovely. Looking forward to some home decor and gifts. I made most of my Christmas presents this year, all a variation of one design but i loved doing it and got such a good response.

  10. Great design and the colours really stand out. Wow, the year of home made gifts and home decor! Means I have even more excuse to craft so that can't be bad! :) xx

  11. It was a lovely afternoon Jo as always. I was beginning to get withdrawal! You're so right about the fun and loyal side of craft. We would be so lost without you so you're stuck with this loyal (if slightly quirky) group of crafters!
    And Thank You! you know why lol xx