Friday 18 December 2020


Good afternoon everyone, 
Hope you are keeping well. 
Another very wet day here. 
We have another new follower,
Please welcome Tracey to our happy little family.
You know how excited I get when we have another new follower. 

 I hope your week has gone well, 
I managed to get my magazine commissions finished and posted so that is good. 
All my cards are posted , have you finished yours?
I still have a few gifts to get, 
and then all done. 

So today I have made a little YouTube video on the 
Brusho SorinkleIt Powders
I have had a few ladies messaging me asking about the powders. 

Once you start playing with them, there are so many things that you can do. 

The video is here 

And if you paint with them the water that you use becomes  a Sparkelicious pot of water too 
A win, win, 

I got another lovely surprise yesterday 

I really am such a lucky bunny 

And a very grateful one too.

Oh and a special Christmas card from Gibraltar...
Thanks Sylvia, it is stunning 

Tonight I am planning on walking Eric early, 
having a shower and getting my pj’s on. 
Then watching tv all evening.

I hope you have a lovely evening, 
whatever you are doing,

Please take care 
Look after yourself 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

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