Friday 29 March 2019

Another busy week.

Good afternoon all.
Wow, I really can’t believe how quickly this week has gone. 
Has it flown for you too? 
On Wednesday it was our regular workshops in Hazel Grove. 
It was great to see everyone and we had a fabulous birthday cake for Marjorie. 
Thanks Julie.
I really do eat my way through workshops at the moment.

We started with some inky play, and made this card. 

It is quite a challenge getting some of the Ladies to stamp in a random fashion. 

Then we went for a  more clean and simple design.

The stamps are from Hobby Art and are Lisa’s scribble journal stamps..
They are fabulous for journaling, but also great for cards and other projects. 

On Wednesday evening we went out for a meal with Mikey and Fran to celebrate Mikey’s Birthday.
Then yesterday and today I have been in my craft room making samples. 
Although, with the sun shinning, I have been tempted to go into the garden, it is so 
beautiful outside. 

We are having Elliot and Jenson for a sleep over tomorrow night, so wish me luck...
It is the first time they have both been together, over night...

We have got a surprise for them (well Elliot really ) 

It is a great little tent, and yes I can fit inside...
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up too

Much love and hugs 

Jo. xxx

Monday 25 March 2019

Cumbria Spring Retreat

Good evening all, thanks for joining me this Monday evening. 
First of all I want to welcome our new blog follower, 
please feel at home here, pull up a chair and relax. 
It has been another busy day here, we had to collect the dogs from the kennels first thing. 
Bless them, you would have thought that we had been away for weeks. 
Then Karl had to drive up to Aberdeen where he is working for a few days.

We had a wonderful time in the Lake District this weekend and I would like to thank 
all the lovely ladies who came and created the most amazing projects. 

We had two days of fun, laughter, messy fingers, coffee and cake. 
Thanks, especially, to our friends who travelled all the way from Ireland and Scotland...
That really means so much to me. 

We started on the Saturday morning and began to assemble the MDF typewriters. 
The kits are wonderful and have full instructions. 

Once built  we covered the whole piece with either black or white gesso and left them all to dry overnight. 

So yesterday was a day of finishing off and decorating the typewriters.

They were all so different, 

But fabulous, 

Each and every one. 

And this one, once  decorated is going to have a special place at a wedding venue. 

I didn’t get time to photograph all of the finished pieces, 
So if possible zoom in and have a look at them all. 

I really am so proud of all of you. 
You really embraced the project and made absolutely stunning typewriters.
If any of you fancy making one of these at home, 
I have a few kits,
Just send me an email or a pm.

I must just thank Karl and Sheila, who helped me so much.
I couldn’t do it without you...

Time for some ironing,
then an early night.

Take care all
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx

Thursday 21 March 2019

Our Memories

Good afternoon all, 
good to have you join me here for a few moments. 
I am rushing around today, getting ready for our 
Cumbria Spring Retreat, which is this weekend.
I love our two day retreats, but I do panic a few days before, 
Have I got everything ready,? 
Have I ordered and bought all the food? 
Will the ladies like what I have planned? 
Will the dogs be ok in the kennels? 
Oh the list goes on...
So I am going to take five minutes off and have a chat with you, 
Coffee in hand. 

So today I thought I would share one on my 
AALL & Create samples with you. 

Now these didn’t make it to Hochanda on time, 
they were stuck in an UPS van !!!
But never mind, 
I can still show you how I created them .
This one started with some stamping 

I stamped the image twice, 
One of them I cut out the inner parts, coloured them and then splatted some water on them . 

Whilst these were drying,  I created the background  using inks and a stencil 

Love this effect 

Then I assembled the design 

I made some embellishments from another fabulous set, 

I just love the way that the design came together.
Here is a closer look. 

I do hope you like these stamps, 
I am having a great time using products from AALL & Create .
In fact I am really excited to announce that on Saturday 1st June 
I will be teaching a workshop using them.
It will be in Carnforth, Lancashire and you can book by contacting Sharon Quinn
Places are booking up already...
I am really looking forward to it...

I had better get on, 
Most of my bags are packed, 
Just last minute things to do in the morning, 
plus taking the dogs for their weekend holiday. 
Karl is leaving early as he has to go to Chester, just hope he gets back early afternoon.
Fingers crossed we get to pop in tomorrow Mum...

Take care all,
To those travelling to Cumbria, 
Safe travels. 

Enjoy your weekend
Love and hugs

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Part 2.

Hi, me again, 

So as soon as I had finished my card, 
I needed to start another, 
because I had an idea...

So I inked up Billy again, added some Brusho liquid from my little cups, 
and made another gel print. 

I just love watching the ink, water, combo and how it moves. 

Love this one, 

This is the waste from cleaning Billy, I am keeping this for when I need a quick background. 

This is what I stamped, 
I just had to put Mr Crow in the bubble, 

Now I’m not  sure if the children have captured him, or they have come to feed him,
What do you think ? 

Oh, and, have you noticed the cobwebs? 

The foliage stamp is just perfect to add cobwebs too.

After a dark start to the day, we now have some sun. 
I must go and feed the dogs, time for their afternoon walk. 

Thanks for joining me today 
and yes MUM, two blog
I may need a lie down later...

Take care all
Much love and hugs 

Jo, xxx

New best friend.

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you are keeping well, and that your week is going as planned. 
Last week when I went to the NEC I went to have a chat with Tracey on the Lavinia Stamps stand. 
Whilst I was there I just had to have a buddy cup palette.

This is worth its weight in really is. 
The little pots 12 of them, all have lids.
Lids that fit really well. 

You can get one from Lavinia here 

So this morning, I just wanted to start using mine. 

The little cups are perfect for the Brusho powders. 

I make a list of the colours that I have used too...
( my memory isn’t what it was !!!!) 

Next I got old Billy Brayer out (again ! He is popular these days ) and added some colour to my gel press plate. 
Followed by some splats of Brusho and water .

This makes a wonderful background. 

And no two are the same, you just never know what you are going to get. 

Next I used a moon mask and two colours of ink, I do like the intensity of colour when using two colours. 

Some stamping came next, 
Can you tell, I was making this up as I went along? 

I love to blend two colours around the edge too, first purple then black. 

I watercoloured the flowers with Brusho,,,from my little pots, added some splats of white pen and some little black dots in my orb,,,
Now in my mind the little children fairies are playing with a large ball, 
Obviously mr Crow has other ideas and he has come to perch on it. 
Do you make up stories about your cards, or is it just me ? 

I mounted the design onto white card and added a word, but to 
me the design just didn’t look balanced.
So I added another word...
This was easy to do as I still has my Brusho liquid in my pots. 

See how much better it is. 

The lids are now on my pots and I can keep my Brusho for another day,,,
and I won’t spill them...
Whilst I was making this card, 
I had an idea...
So I will add another blog post to show you as blogger doesn’t like too many photos. 

Catch you again in a moment 

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx

Saturday 16 March 2019

Fun with paint.

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. 
I am sat here this Saturday evening with a cup of tea and thought I would have a catch up with friends. 
Karl and Adam are in the lounge watching some football on tv. 
We have had a lovely relaxing day today, it is so nice to have the odd Saturday at home. 
We both have a very busy couple of months ahead, 
so we decided to have a weekend off.
We even went and stayed in a hotel last night, and Adam looked after the dogs for us. 
It was just what we both needed, 
I loved every minute of it. 

Before we left I had a play.
Something a bit different than my usual. 

I started with some paint and Billy Brayer 

Next came the stencil, I love this one it is from AALL & Create 

Love this border stamp too,

Then some splats...

I do love this background, 

In fact , I was quite tempted to just keep it like this. 

But, I have a new stamp, and I wanted to play with it. 
I added some colour, and attached it to my background.

Some white splats and highlights, 
Just to finish off the design. 

I love those words 
In her own skin.
We all should be so happy and proud of just being us , 
and be happy in our own skin. 

So that is the thought that I want to leave you with tonight 
Be happy 
In your own skin
Be happy 
Just be you.
I love you, just as you are.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 15 March 2019

Pets come to Class

Good morning all,
I do hope your week has gone well. 
I have had a lovely time.
We had workshops on Wednesday, where we talked about various types of masking techniques. 
We used the fabulous pet stamps from Creative Stamping magazine issue 68.

For our first card we used VersaMark ink and triple embossing to add shine to the goldfish bowl. 

We were treated at coffee time to yummy home made cup cakes , thank you Julie.
Now they were gluten free, plus calorie free, ok 
the last bit was just in my head. !!!!!

For our second design , we used post it notes to mask the dog, so that he was sitting on the chair. 

We used some little stamps to decorate the back of the card too, 

Their is a lovely cat stamp for those who have feline friends. 

And finally,there are a couple of little extra floral stamps, which 
can be used to make a topper 

If you fancy getting a copy of the magazine, 
You can find it here 

Yesterday I had a fabulous day at the craft show in Birmingham. 
Thank you Lisa for your company, 
We met up with friends, chatted and managed to part with some of our cash.
If you are going today or tomorrow, 
do  have a wonderful time. 

I must go now as it is coffee time, 
so it must be time for a coffee.
I hope you have a lovely weekend all, 
Take care 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx