Friday 31 January 2020

Evening all.

Good evening all, 
I hope you have had a lovely day .
I have been to the craft show at Event City, 
What a wonderful day, although not as many PaperCraft  stands, it was the lovely people 
who made my day.
Plenty of room to walk around, have a look and spend time watching fabulous demonstrations.
Meet up with friends, and make new ones. 
I even came back with 3 bags of goodies. 

So just before I cook our meal I thought I would have a catch up with you. 
On Wednesday it was our regular 
Hazel Grove class,  where we continued with our theme of making backgrounds. 

Our first card was a simple background using ink and stencil brushes. 
Then adding some lovely Lavinia stamps. 

I just adore Pipin, the little bunny. 

Our second card used inks and blending tools. 

Plus some homemade Washi tape.

Just for you, Agnes, here is how we created it. 

Low tack tape on a craft mat.

Add some ink. 

Followed by some stamping 

And you have created your own coordinating washi tape. 

I hope you have a go, it is great fun...

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Time to go and cook some noodles. 

Much love and hugs 
Catch you tomorrow, 

Jo xxx

Sunday 26 January 2020

Creative day in Cumbria

Good afternoon all, and thanks for popping in. 
Thank you to all our new followers, and to Yiannis for telling everyone about 
my little crafty blog. 

Today I just wanted to share a few photos with you from our Cumbria workshop yesterday. 

It was such a lovely day, 
Full house too, 
I must just wave to Susan,,,,👋🏻
I promised that I would. 

We had a play with the new A4 stencils from Aall & Create. 

This design uses the VersaMark ink through the stencil and then some luscious powders, plus one of my favourite 
stamps from Tracy Evans. 
I say one of , as I have quite a few. 

Look at this fabulous selection. 

After lunch we had a really lovely play, and made lots of toppers. 
Some of which we put on an accordion card. 
Homage to Tracy 

I totally blame her for my new obsession with these. lol. 

I must admit I was shattered when I got home yesterday, 
So it was feet up and tv on. 
This morning we took Elliot to football training 
Well I was soon shattered again, 
Running around a hall with a group of 2 and 3 year olds. 

Bless him , he loved it 

I think it may just be an early night tonight, 
Another busy week ahead 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 24 January 2020

Naughty monkeys

Good afternoon everyone, 
Hope you have had a good week, oh it has been a busy one here. 
As yesterday it was a day at Hochanda. 
So Monday and Tuesday were mad days getting demos sorted etc. 
Wednesday was packing and travelling, then yesterday it was the two shows. 
I had to be at the studio before 6am, so it is an early start. 
Unfortunately there was a very bad accident on the main road to the studio , and the road remained closed all day. 
So, many people didn’t make it to the studio on time, 
I had my 8am show and then stepped in and did the 10am show to give others time to get in. 
My heart goes out to those families who lives have been changed by such a tragedy. 
It really hits you. 

It was so lovely to work with Yiannis again, he is such a gentleman, and we have a bit of a giggle too, 

We had a monkey party. 

With party bags. 

Cocktails...(oh, I wish lol ) 

We did have chocolate though. 

Thanks to everyone who watched the shows. 

If you missed them, you can still see them on the rewind part of HOCHANDA 

This little fellow got plastered !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 

Today I have been packing bags ready for tomorrow’s Cumbria workshop,
Wow , we have a big class
32 crafters...
I am going to have to crack the whip and keep everyone in order. 

Enjoy your evening all. 
Have a lovely weekend, and do me a favour
Tell those special people in your life just how special they are.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Saturday 18 January 2020

Time for tea.

Good afternoon , and thanks for popping in. 
Welcome to our new followers, 
Grab a chair and make yourselves at home. 
What a beautiful day it is today. 
I have just finished some ironing , next I am off into my craft room to pack my craft bag. 
I am so excited that I am going to be crafting along with the fabulous Tracy Evans tomorrow. 
Actually in the studio...
Honestly I am so excited. 
I hope you will be watching and creating along at home. 
Sunday, 2pm to 4pm 

This is one of my samples  using her craft along stamps

Time for tea 

I had been given this empty box. 
You know us Crafters, we keep everything. 

I started off by creating the inserts for the box. 
This little background stamp is just fabulous. 

These fit nicely into the box, phew 

Next I masked off part of the card for the lid. 
Stamped on it and added some ink shading. 

Then I stamped the cup and saucer. 

I stamped these on separate card, added some colour, cut them out and decoupaged them. 
I added some extra stamping, metal embellishment and some glossy accents. 
To finish off , I added some white splats with my Posca pen. 

This would make such a lovely gift. 
The tea bags are fruit and they smell wonderful. 

I am sure these new stamps and the rest of the new collection are going to be 
well received and loved. 

Enjoy your evening 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx 

Thursday 16 January 2020

Whoop. New give away

Good morning all, 
and welcome to my little blog .
This is a special place where I share my craft journey with you 
my lovely crafty friends, 
Oh and my Mum. 
Morning Mum...

Today I have a fun card to share with you 

You know me , 
I like to do things just a bit different. 

I created the background by simple blend8mg some ink through the stencil. 
Then adding a few splats off matching ink and water. 
I do love my fan brush for this. 

Then I stamped, die cut and added some colour to this little guy. 

I wanted to ground him, 
So I came up with a plan to use this new die cut. 
Oh yes, I love this. 
But I needed something for him to juggle with. 
The stamp has Bananas, but as part of the DT, it is my job to provide inspiration. 
So hey presto...
I had an idea, 
Why not use the numbers from the die ..

I added some lines with a fine liner to give the impression of movement.

This is funny because my party piece for Elliot and Jenson is juggling
Only 2 or 3 balls. 
But it keeps them quiet for ages. 

I thought I would have a give away

If you fancy this new die from Bipashas 
All you have to do is be a follower, leave a comment on this post and I will chose a name at random 
And then get it in the post...

Have a fabulous day 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Workshop fun

Good morning everyone, hope you are feeling positive this morning. 
I am sure spring is on its way. 

Yesterday it was our first workshop of the year. 
Oh I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday night.
What am I like ????
Anyway, it was a lovely day and we had some play creating backgrounds. 
We then used some Lavinia stamps to build up the final results. 
We had 4 new ladies join us so that was really nice, and 
fingers crossed they are coming back too. 

We created this background using Billy Brayer, well he needed a trip out. 

This was my demo piece 

Not quite finished yet,  but I will do that later today . 

This one uses the ink on acrylic  block technique to make the background. 
Great for quick cards, 
Also a great technique to get  your mojo back after Christmas. 

Just a reminder that I have a little You Tube channel, 
Where when time permits I upload some little videos. 
They are all made with just one take, in my little craft room. 
So it is warts and all !!!! As it were 

Enjoy the rest of your day 

Much love and hug
Jo xxx

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Stencil play time

Good morning everybody and thank you for joining me today.
How are you feeling, ? and how is the weather with you ? 
Luckily I managed to walk Eric today before it began to rain. 

Have you been watch the ODS on HOCHANDA, with Leonie. 
She has been show casing some fabulous new dies and stencils. 

I must admit I adore the stencils, and 
we are using them at our next Cumbria workshop.

This is one of my samples. 

I had a great time creating it. 
I tried to make it look as though the numbers were hanging from the stencil

Here is how I created it 

I started with blending some ink through the stencil. 

This was the result. 

And this was the clean up with the stencil 

Then it was playtime, with charcoal pencils 

Look , what a difference that makes. 

Some finishing off touches, 
Adding some ink splats
Adding the dies, plus the numbers.
I am such a big kid, I loved hanging the numbers 
Adding the squiggle corners 

And finally some butterflies from an exclusive Tracy Evans stamp set (I adore these ) 

I do hope you like it. 

Workshops are back in full swing now with Hazel Grove tomorrow. 
So looking forwards to catching up with everyone. 

I had better get on, card to cut. 

Take care all 
Thanks for everything 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Wednesday 8 January 2020


Good morning all and thanks for popping in. 
I hope your week is going well, and that you are getting back into routine. 
I am trying to finish magazine commissions, organise workshops and make samples. 
Just the usual craft jobs on my list. 
As I get dates and venues confirmed I will add them to my workshop dates page on here. 
You can find the tab at the top, just click on it. 

We start back at Hazel Grove next Wednesday , and then Cumbria later this month. 
Next month is busy with an extra Aall & Create day workshop on Carnforth, 
I am working on the project at the moment and I have to say that I love it. 
Sneak peeks to follow. 
There are a few places left for that class so if you fancy a crafty day with friendly people, 
Lots of inspiration , fun and laughter do get in touch. 

I have been invited down to Plymouth this year so I have a day Lavinia class in March which is fully booked and then 
a day Aall & Create class later in the year. 
I am so looking forwards to both of them. 

I have also been asked to take part in a fundraiser weekend retreat, so my Diary is getting quite full, 
Poor Karl is sulking because the chances of a holiday are getting less and less. 

How are your diaries looking ? 
Did you remember to buy a new one.? 
Mine is one of those dodgy ones, you know with the wrong bank holiday in. 
The beginning of May is going to be fun. 

We have now been in our house for over a year and we still love it and are so happy to be here. 
One of our neighbours loves the cards that I make for her, so she came over last Saturday 
and had her own little class in my craft room. 
Needless to say she is now hooked and you may even meet her at a workshop soon. 

This was my demonstration card, 
Just made up on the day 

We had such a lovely afternoon, Eric enjoyed it too, 

Before I go, 
I must just share a proud granny photo with you. 

Elliot loves his football, just like his dad, uncle and grandad. 
Oh boy he is growing up so fast. 

Look at this , we bought the boys this art easel for Christmas and they love it. 
Jenson has started crawling and standing up. 
He will be one in February.
Now I really don’t know where the last 12 months have gone,,,

Better get on, 

Take care all, 
Sending much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 3 January 2020

Time to talk

Good evening everyone, 
I do hope your Friday is going well. 
I have seen so many people posting  on social media about 
New Years resolutions. 
Well I never make one, 
You see everyday I really do try and give the best of me, make the right decisions and treat people with a 
kind and lovely manner.
Every night when I go to bed 
I ask myself if I have been the best of myself .
To be honest this isn’t easy in the craft industry , an industry which should be full 
of friendship and harmony. 
The more I do , the more some people surprise me.
I am lucky though that I have fantastic friends, support and I have such wonderful 
crafters who attend my workshops. 

I must thank you all for such wonderful cards, gifts, (oh so many bottles of bubbles and gin, whoop ) 
Chocolates, and cake. 

From the bottoms of my heart I thank you. 

Today I learn of the death of a very young, lovely man , who I met through craft.
He was such a polite, happy and handsome young man , a real credit to his mum. 
Such a wonderful artist too, 
My thoughts are with his girlfriend and family.

Please take care all
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx