Friday 29 January 2021

Friday tidy up.

Good afternoon all. 
Friday again, we have made it through another week.
I must just take a minute to thank all the wonderful 
crafters who have emailed me photographs of their amazing 
Pieces of art after following my online prerecorded classes. 
I get such a thrill when I see your beautiful pieces, I am so proud of you all. 

Today I am sharing a piece with you, that nearly went in the bin , twice. 
You know the ones, 
I fell in and out of love with this background so many times...
I think we all have pieces like this don’t we 
Anyway here is the finished piece 

And here is how I created it..

I am really enjoying playing with the Elements ink pads, 
Oh yes Billy Brayer too, 

Such vibrant colours 

Next came some gesso 

This was one of the times it nearly ended up in the bin 

I decided to add some stamping and see how it progressed 

Some more stamping 

Some ink to frame the design, 
Followed by the addition of white posca highlights. 

As usual I haven’t added a sentiment, 
I will add that later before I send it in the post. 

I believe we may get more snow this weekend, 
Just when our snowman has finally melted, 

I hope you have a restful weekend, 
Maybe count the birds in your garden for an hour..
Obviously you will need pen and paper, coffee and cake too. 

Take care everyone 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Fun with Florals

Good afternoon all, 
and get me 
Two days on here.
Hope you are impressed.
Don’t worry, it won’t last. 
Today it is another dark, cold , grey day here , 
So I thought it was time for some fun.

So I decided to make a little YouTube video, 
Some embossing , and some watercolour painting 
Well my take on it, you know how much I love these type of techniques. 

Some crafty fun, plus a brew and a cheeky biscuit. 
You can find the video here 

I do hope you enjoy it, and that you have a play. 

Take care all 
Love and hugs 

Jo xxx

Monday 25 January 2021

Monday catch up

Good afternoon all, 
I just don’t know where this morning has gone. 
It was another cold, snowy and frosty walk down the lane this morning. 
The sun is shining now though. 
Hope you had a lovely weekend. 
I had a special delivery of some craft accessories for the boys...
I am so excited 
I have bought them their first Billy Brayers...

I can’t wait to use them. 
They love grandmas craft room 

On Saturday we had our regular workshop 
This week we looked at how to create a Clean And Simple collage.
So many crafters find if difficult to leave white space.

We used stamps and stencils from Aall & Create .

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the day, and the beauty of online workshops 
means that the video is available to be viewed anytime. 
It’s so good to know that some good had come out of lockdown, I mean I still can’t believe that we have 
our friend from New Zealand who stays up late for the class 
Thanks so much Elaine. 

Time for hot coffee
Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 22 January 2021

Sewing mends the soul

Good morning all and Happy Friday 
I hope it finds you well. 
I have a sewing themed design to share with you today 

This is one of those designs where I just love to add embellishments and extra detail. 
After all we do save all those bits of fabric, buttons and what nots !!, 
Do you have a button tin, ? I do...
Oh dear, am I showing my age lol...

This design started with some blending 

And water splats.

Plus some on my backing card, 
You know how I just love to do this 

Next some stamping, colouring and addition of washi tape. 
I do think the tape measure stamp goes so well with this design. 

A few more embellishments, some posca splats and glossy accents, 
I had such fun creating this design, 
and I know a few of our crafty family who would love this too. 
Those of you who sew, and make the most beautiful things. 

Making these cards is the closest that I get...

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend to look forwards too, 
Workshop tomorrow for me, 
So more lovely crafty fun with friends. 

Take care all
Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Beautiful poppies

Good morning all, 
Hope you are managing to keep dry today. 
I have been for a walk with Eric and it was just like 
walking in one long puddle. 
I do worry for anyone who is at the risk of flooding 
So I think a group hug is in order. 

Today I have some lovely Lavinia poppies to share with you.
A nice little project, 
Especially if Mr MoJo is still on holiday 

I have made a little YouTube video
So we can craft along together 

I always enjoy our creative sessions , 
Don’t forget your brew and treat of choice, 

Take care all 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Tuesday catch up

Good afternoon all, 
Hope you are keeping well and that this week has started well. 
Karl is so busy at the moment so it is Eric and me going for our morning walks. 

Just look at the morning sky

Absolutely breathtaking.

I am going to have to have a play with my inks and see if I can recreate this. 

On Saturday we had lovely workshop and catch up, 
We played with using inks and creating our own watercolour paintings. 

We used beautiful stamps from Hobby Art, they are perfect for this type of art. 
I must admit the artwork that the ladies and gentleman created are stunning. 
Thanks so much all for joining in .

Take care all 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 15 January 2021

In print again.

Good afternoon all, 
We made it to Friday. 
Hope your day is going well. 
It was another cold and frosty walk with Eric this morning. 
I am just getting  my craft room ready for tomorrow workshop. 
We are going to have some fun with watercolour , 
Spend some time just painting for fun, 
Enjoying each other’s company 
Oh and having a brew and a snack...
Well you have too , don’t you..? 

Today I just wanted to share some magazine makes with you. 

It is always so lovely to be asked to contribute to magazines. 

This was such a lovely commission to do. 

Wonderful , stamps and stencils to use 

And a favourite make of mine 
A mixed media tag 

This magazine would be the perfect read for this weekend, 

It is available through CraftStash..

Have a lovely weekend , 
Take care 
Keep safe 
And let’s catch up again next week.

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Beautiful butterflies

Good afternoon all, 
I hope you are keeping well on this 
wet and miserable Wednesday.

Today I decided to go through my Aall & Create stamps and find the first set that I bought. 

This is a great way to stimulate your imagination and creative juices 

I had a play and this is what I came up with 
Here is a closer look 

I have made a little YouTube video. 
So if you fancy grabbing a brew and having a play...
You can join in here 

I hope you have a lovely evening, 
Hot chocolate and a film for us 

Take care all 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Monday 11 January 2021


Good afternoon all, 
I hope this week has started well for you. 
Here it is, Monday again. 

Another dark, grey and cold day...
So lots of hot coffee here , plus some hot soup too. 

Today I am sharing a recent Aall & Create sample with you. 
I knew I wanted to create a stylish, simple design but I wanted it to have impact too. 

As soon as I saw the cotton reel and the mannequin, 
I just knew that they had to go together. 

I began by stamping and masking the cotton reel 

Next I added some colour 

Followed with some shading and some highlights 

Some extra splatters, and as you know I love to carry these onto the matts and layers. 

Sometimes we just don’t need lots of colour...
I really enjoyed creating this. 
I think that grey is such an underrated colour. 
Why not have a play with grey tones 

Must go, 
Workshop planning to do 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Sunday 10 January 2021

First workshop of the year

Good afternoon everyone, 
I hope you are having a lovely, relaxing Sunday. 

I had a wonderful surprise on Friday when these beautiful flowers arrived at my door.

Spring in a vase 

Thanks so much Mary, 
I love them. 

Yesterday it was our first workshop of the year,.
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed our time crafting  together, chatting and laughing. 
It is so good to spend time with friends, 

This is the design that we created.
I used the new Elements ink pads as quite a few of the ladies had been asking about them 

I have saved the video and it is in its own workshop group, 
So if anybody else wanted to join in, and follow the class 
In their own time, 
Just drop me an email 
The class is only £10

I m off now , 
The ironing is
Enjoy the rest of your day 

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Thursday 7 January 2021

A stitch in Time

Good morning everyone, 
Oh it was cold, frosty and Misty when I took Eric out earlier 

The visibility was quite poor down the lane. 
Thank goodness he has his little  lights on his harness. 

They are so useful, especially when we take him out at night.
I am so glad to be back home , with a brew. 

Today I am sharing a sample  with you that I have made for the ODS , 
later today on Hochanda. 
It features some new sewing themed stamps by our Birthday Girl
Tracy Evans
Happy Birthday Tracy, hope you are having a lovely day. 

I started by stamping the image and adding some colour 

Next I got out some old sewing patterns, 
I knew I had saved them for something 

I then had great fun stamping lots of embellishments, 
I especially love the button, 
Which I added glossy accents too, and actually got a needle and thread and did some sewing ..

A few splatters of blue ink and water onto my backing card just pulls the whole design together 

I added a safety pin over part of the sentiment, added glossy accents, 
These are the finishing touches that I really love 

So I hope you will join Leonie at 6pm tonight for the launch show. 

I am off now to record another prerecorded workshop.
Inky fingers time 

Have a lovely day 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Where is Mr MoJo ?

Good afternoon everyone, 
Hope today is going well.

It is very cold here again, 
but luckily not as slippy when I took Eric for his walk.
I tidied up another shelf this morning, 
I am slowly getting my craft room into some sort of order. 
Is it too early to start spring cleaning ? 

I have also made a little YouTube video, 
A catch up really .

Just sharing ideas, 
Just in case mr MoJo has gone on holiday. 
Here is the link 

I hope you enjoy it.
Don’t forget your brew, and maybe a cheeky biscuit. 

Take care 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Part 3

Good evening everyone, 
Hope your day has gone ok. 
I know it is going to be hard, 
More time in lockdown, 
but we can do this. 
I will just give you more homework to do .

Today I have more cards to share with you 

More fabulous Christmas cards 

Each and everyone is stunning 

Honestly , I just adore them all 

I still can’t believe how many I got 

Can you ? 

And finally 

Thank you for each and everyone 

I really feel so blessed 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxx