Tuesday 28 April 2020

Create with passion

Good evening all, 
Hope your day has gone well. 
I have just had my shower , I am in my pj’s and have five minutes now to catch up with you. 
I hope you managed to watch some of the ODS shows on HOCHANDA today. 

Here is one of my samples. 
This uses the fabulous Passion flower stamp. 

Now you know just how much I love doing pyrography. 
I don’t normally add colour, I like the fact that the bread boards can be used. 
This time however I really wanted to add some colour. 
So this is now a decorative cheese board. 

I think I may just make a few more of these...
See if anyone wants one. 

Karl has just made a cup of tea, 
So I am off to join him and drink it

Enjoy your evening 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Monday 27 April 2020

Monday, so it must be Lavinia homework.

Good morning everyone, 
I do hope this Monday morning finds you well. 
I was up at 7am, I have walked Eric , and then walked to the post office. 
So now I am back home, 
Catching up with you and then it will be coffee time.
Probably not in the garden today though. 
It is quite cloudy and chilly outside. 

As it is Monday , I have Lavinia homework for you. 
I post this every Monday in the 
Lavinia For You group.

This week I thought we would create a Clean And Simple design. 
Using minimal products. 

I have made a YouTube video if you fancy having a look 

I started by using Billy and adding some ink into the middle of my piece of card. 
Just add the ink to the middle part of the Brayer 

Next , I loaded Billy up again this time with a darker coloured ink. 
I then rolled him across a piece of bubble wrap. 
This picks up the pattern. 

So that when you roll the Brayer down your card , the pattern appears. 
Obviously I didn’t waste the ink on the bubble wrap, I stamped this on another background. 

I added some water splats for extra detail 

Followed by some stamping and adding the moon, 

Also adding some grass under the trees. 
I love to use a white charcoal pencil to add depth to the moon, and a misty feel to the sky. 
I do think these little details are so important, 

Here is a close up 

I added some of the darker ink to my mat, with some water so that I could add a few splats of colour, 
Just to bring the whole design together, 
It is so important to know when to stop with these designs. 
So a black Sharpie line and then job done.
Walk away. 

Well actually no, 
I made another one to show you how it would look in blues 

I love how the blue one turned out, 
Think about under water scenes, , snowy scenes...etc 

I have so many ideas...

Must have my coffee first..

Thanks for spending some time with me today, 
It really means so much 

Take care, 
Stay safe 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Thursday 23 April 2020

Simple, yet beautiful

Good afternoon everyone, 
Hope today finds you well and in good spirits. 
I had a fantastic surprise this morning when I had a beautiful bouquet 
of flowers delivered. 

Thank you so much Sharon, 
You made my day,,,

You know I do think that at the moment, 
The nice people are even nicer 
And the horrible ones, 
Well, let’s not even go there...

Let’s not spoil our lovely mood, and lovely day. 

Today I have created a simple , yet beautiful card to share with you. 

This is one of my favourite ( yes , I know I have so many ! ) 
Aall & Create stamps, 

After stamping in black VersaFine ink, I added some colour, only grey tones though.
Plus some watery finger marks and some ink splats. 

I love this background stamp, more grey ink. 

On separate card I stamped the butterfly twice more, added some colour and then fussy cut him. 

I added some background stamping onto the card blank and then added my topper. 
This helps to coordinate everything. 

I stamped the sentiment on a coffee stirrer, 
Also added a jump ring..
plus a little heart. 

Some Posca splats to complete the look, 
Oh and glossy accents on the body of the butterfly 

I was so pleased how this finished up. 
Love the monochromatic look with a pop of blue. 

Hope it makes you smile.

Take care everyone
Much love and hugs 
And hang on in there, 
Soon this will only be a memory.

Jo xxx

Monday 20 April 2020

Monday morning homework

Good morning all, 
I hope you had a lovely weekend , and that Monday finds you well. 
As it is Monday , 
It is the day that I give the ladies on the Lavinia page some homework. 
This week, I thought our homework , 
Would be to create a wreath card. 
Now you know I have a bit of a thing about wreath ( Garland ) cards. 
Here is some inspiration for you .

I have a photo tutorial for you too,,,

I do love looking at my stamps and using different ones to create a different look to my wreath, 
I always start at the top, and turn the card 
That way you will always stamp the same stamp and in the same direction. 

Turn the card and stamp until all four sides have been stamped. 

The next stage is to stamp in the gaps, this is the part where many Crafters can go wrong, 
Angle the stamp and keep an eye on the overall shape of the wreath. 
So that you achieve something like this. 

Next add some other leaves, berries etc...

I do love the way that this build up, 

I just love the way that this bright green adds another dimension to the design. 

You could leave the borders white for a crisp and clean look, but I decided to add some more ink blending and a little stamping. 

I added a black Sharpie line around the edge to frame the design , followed by a little stamping in 
black ink to make the whole design more cohesive.

Pipin wanted to join in, so I added him too, 

 I had so much fun creating this. 
I do hope that you have a go at creating one. 

Thanks to all the lovely Crafters who joined me on Saturday for our online class 
It was just amazing , I really can’t thank you enough. 
Next one in a couple of weeks, 

This is what we created 

If anyone would like a workshop kit, 
The border stamp, card and envelope, all for £12 and posted free in the UK, 
Just drop me an email, 

Take care everyone. 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

Friday 17 April 2020

A cheery Hello

Good morning all, 
Hope you are keeping well. 
It is another lovely, sunny morning here, but I see we have 
showers predicted for tomorrow, 
Mind you the gardens could do with some rain. 

Today I have a sunny, cheery card design to share with you. 
This is a nice quick blended background and 
I have only used a couple of stamps. 
Sometimes that is all you need. 

I started off with a piece of stamping card. This one is from Pink Frog. 

Next I got out my favourite inks and put them in colour order and began to blend  them 

Then some water splats with my fan brush. 

This is such a great background, 
If you have time to spare you could make a few at once then they are ready for some stamping. 

A silhouette stamp works perfectly on this type of design 

A moon mask and some script stamping , 
This time using the brown oxide ink pad. 

Some white highlights with my Posca pen and job done.

I think this type of design is good for so many occasions. 

Especially at the minute, 
If you just want to say hello, and make someone smile. 

I hope you have a lovely Friday 
Yes, it is Friday...
I really have to think hard , at the minute...
All the days seem the same. 

Enjoy your day, 
Keep well and Stay safe

Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Cumbria Spring Retreat

Good afternoon all, 
I really hope you are keeping well. 
This weekend should have been our Cumbria Spring Retreat.
I am going to miss seeing everyone so much. 

The one thing I do know, is that this will soon be over and we shall all be back, 
going out, catching up and eating cake, 
Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped eating cake 

All the Crafters who were booked on the retreat were sent a goody bag and I 
have been giving them homework. 
Just so they don’t miss out. 

Today it is another retreat homework. 

I really loved creating this design 

I adore using kraft card.

I used my antistatic bag, then stamped the Passion flower stamp using VersaMark ink. I used white detail 
embossing powder and heated it. 

Next I started to add some layers to the design. 
First by adding ink through the stencil. 

Next by adding ink to the Back of the stencil, spritzing it and then stamping with it. 
When dry I roughed up the edges of the Kraft card using my scissors. 

Remember that the embossing will provide a resist.

Next I added some colour to the flowers, these are so delicate and beautiful. 

I stamped the sentiment onto some low tack tape, 
You could use card if you wanted to, 

Next, those Posca splats. 
Remember the whip action 

To keep with the theme I wanted torn edges to my low tack tape. 
Finally I added a jump ring. 
I love to add Glossy Accents to the middle of these and let them dry. 

In this weather the Glossy Accents seems to dry quite quickly. 

I must go as I have a Birthday card to make. 
I can’t believe that Adam will be 31 tomorrow. 
I am on the last minute again. 
Shame he didn’t like Passion flowers. 

Better get on 
Take care all

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx