Monday 31 July 2017

Crafting in Cumbria.

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in.

I do hope your week has started well, it is very up and down in the Rice household. I got back from Cumbria on Saturday to find Danielle feeling quite unwell and with a temperature of 39.4 . So off we went to hospital and they admitted her with possible I didn't get home until nearly 11pm as Adam was working..

The nursing staff are wonderful and took Elliot up to her for a hour of family time yesterday...

After we have had a catch up we are off to visit them , poor Adam and Danielle are having such a rough time...

So before we go , I just have time to share some photographs with you...

Saturday at Clarity Cumbria we had a play with some new Clarity Stencils and did some ghosting, look what the crafters made

We then decorated some new MDF butterflies and bees, which I have designed

I am so proud of everyone, these are amazing

After lunch , and cake because it was Peters Birthday we used Stencil brushes to create these masterpieces

And we even had time for tea and cake and another make

I do like to crack the whip...!!!!

But what happens at craft class , stays at craft class....

Must get on....catch you all soon

Much love and hugs

Jo. Xxxx


Friday 28 July 2017

Air , Element...

Good evening all and thanks for popping in. I do hope that your week has gone well and that you have a lovely weekend planned. I am off to the Lake District tomorrow for Clarity Cumbria, and I am really looking forward to it. My car is packed and ready to go...

Mind you I was up in Kendal yesterday at the PaperMill Direct , doing a day workshop with some wonderful ladies, and oh what a laugh we had. ( fab lunch too)

So just before I head to the sofa I thought I would share a recent card with you...I made it for the tv shows this week.

This uses the new Air Elements stamp...

I started with a piece of Stencil card , stamped the image and then added the mask . I used the cloud mask to create some sky.


This is what I had

I found this stamp ( part of the joy and birdsong stamp set ) and thought it just fitted the bill, so I stamped it in the same Artistry ink

I used some ink and watercoloured the image...nice and pale.

Next I added some clear embossing powder to the birds.

And then out with the trusty charcoal pencils to give the you know how I love to do this...

Here is a closer look

Some matting and layering

I do love to make flat cards , that look 3dimentional .

So before I go...Grandma Jo , is going to keep you up to date...

Elliot is still improving and here is today's photo...he has had a little set back and is jaundiced again so he is back under the sun lamp...

He didn't like having to wear the goggles again....bless him..

That cuddle is getting closer...

Thanks for all your best wishes and for joining me on here...

Enjoy your weekend

Take care all.

Love and hugs

Grandma Jo...( I did listen , Chrissie...) xxx


Tuesday 25 July 2017


Good morning all, and thanks for joining me.

Oh my life just seems to get more hectic, do you find that????

Hope you had a good weekend, and that this week has started well...we have good news here and our little Elliot managed to breath all by himself at the weekend and last night when we saw him he wasn't even on the oxygen...he is such a fighter and has done so well. He is even out of his incubator and in a little cot....

I am so excited as we will get too have our first cuddle soon...


So in between hospital visits, I have been getting another magazine commission more dt work.....speaking of I thought I would share one of my recent makes using the new fairy stamps...

I started with a piece of stencil card, and stamped the fairy, and then added her mask...


Next I added the stencil and then started some blending....starting with yellow...

Then orange

Through to red

And finally some fine wine,,,(well it would be rude not too...!!!)

Do remember to work on the blending area where the two colours join..

I stamped the sentiment first in the radiance ink pad and then adding some colour

Next I added some colour to the fairy

And some Perga glitter , a real must have

Some matting and layering and some Inka gold for edging...I do love to do this

These are such fabulous and magical stamps..

Fairy magic...we all need a bit of that every so often....

A Magic wand to help me with my craft list , workshops in Hazel grove tomorrow, The Paperwarehouse in Kendal on Thursday and Clarity Cumbria on Saturday...

But before I go...I just wanted to share this special photo with you....

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



Friday 21 July 2017

Wet Friday

Good morning all , I really can't believe how quickly this week has gone. I do hope that it has been a good one for you all. I have just got back after walking the dogs and it is I thought we would have a 'wet blog ' today.

My design started by stamping the Water Elements stamp onto a piece of Stencil card, and then added the mask....I am so glad that Clarity make these , it saves all that cutting out.

Next came those fabulous new Distress Oxide inks....oh yes....and some smoothing , colour at a time and I heated the card with my heat tool inbetween .

The background builds up so quickly.

These inks are great to watercolour paint with too. So I removed the mask and added some colour.

Next , I needed some more detail so I added some bubbles using the oxide ink through Jo's bubbles stencil

And after some matting and layering I just had to add some Glossy Accents...with the Perga Glitter sprinkled over the top...

This gives a great look.

Shimmery water...

I do hope you like my design, I had great fun making it.

Tomorrow it is inky and Groovi workshops at CJ's in Stockport and I am really looking forward to it.

Before I go I need to remind you that our Rosie is on Hochanda this Saturday and Sunday with some new fairy stamps and plates...

And please excuse this over excitable Grandma for just sharing a couple of photos of our little man .

He is such a fighter and doing really well, I can't wait until I can have my first cuddle. Only Adam and Danielle are allowed at the moment...

Bless him he is struggling to breath and has a shadow on his little lung, hopefully this is just an infection and will clear up soon.

Have a lovely weekend...

Much love and hugs...

Jo. xxx





Monday 17 July 2017

Hello Elliot

Good morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend...

It was a very exciting and emotional one here. As you know Daniell was induced on Thursday , and her labour lasted until Saturday lunchtime when her consultant decided that it was time for a c section. So at 2-45pm baby Elliot Elijah Rice joined our family.

Adam was hands on at the birth, and I am so proud of the way that both Danielle and Adam have handled everything that life has thrown at them this past few months.


Elliot is only 34 weeks but a surprising 5lb 1oz, and such a little fighter..

We went for our first visit yesterday and it is so hard not being able to cuddle him, but I know there will be plenty of time for that. He is struggling at the moment with his oxygen levels, and obviously can't feed but the nursing staff are amazing and he is in good hands...( oh and the subbed is helping too.)

It is going to be a busy weeks, I have workshops in Hazel Grove, and Edgeley, dt samples to make and a magazine commission to fulfill.....oh plus Mummy and Granny duties...

Have a great week all...

Much love and hugs

From a very excited proud to be called Grandma....

Jo. xxxx


Friday 14 July 2017

Christmas in July

Good afternoon all, and thanks for joining me today...

Thanks for all your lovely messages and text and Danielle and Adam are in the delivery suite as I type this blog post. I will keep you up to date...

Just before my holidays I had some wonderful new Christmas stamps to play with , these have been designed by the very talented and sadly misssed Jayne Nestorenko .

I just had to make a vintage style card...

I used Kraft know how I love this .

The stamps are quite large so out came my Misti.....( perfect)

First I stamped the frame using Potting soil , Archival ink.

Then I added the stamped image...I do love this little boy and his dog

The masks are so useful, and it saves all that cutting out.

I added a base coat using picket fence ink.

And then some colour. I also stamped some extra designs , added colour and cut them out.

I used Camel Safari ink to add shade around the edge and also for the background stamping. It just helps to create the vintage look.

Then to highlight the snow , I used some more picket fence ink, this time onto my mat and used as a watercolour paint.

Then time for some the form of chunky white embossing powder . Do remember to heat from underneath with this .

Finally some matting and layering , and those embellishments.

Oh bless, how cute is that dog.....

I just adore this image so much .

Right , I had better get on, what a long list of jobs I have to get through...although I must admit , I am having trouble concentrating today...

Have a lovely weekend....

Much love and hugs.

Jo. xxx