Friday 4 December 2020

Freezing Friday

Good morning all, 
Hope you are keeping well and warm. 
Have you got snow ? 
Bet you have Mum 
It is certainly very cold here.

Today I have a lovely little design to share with you. 
I have used 2 of the new Lavinia stencils, 
Flora and white orbs.
Obviously I love any stencils with circles in it, 

And here is a close up 

I have made a little you tube video too.

So if you fancy crafting along with me,,,let’s do it. 

I have a Thank you workshop tomorrow. 
Just a little free workshop for those crafters who have supported me over the past 6 months with my paid for classes. 
I just feel I need to give them something back. As without them , 
I wouldn’t still be running my classes and groups. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend...
More Christmas cards need to be made here, 

Take care all 

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx


Trisha N said...

Oooo this is so magical with the bubbles orbs floating down and fading out. Thank you so much for all your help always xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Trish and my pleasure xx❤️