Monday 21 December 2020

Creating little gifts

Good morning all, 
I hope you had a lovely weekend and that today is going well.
I know we have had bad news about lockdowns etc, but let’s just all stay safe , 
keep well, and hug each other at a distance. 

A big group hug 

Let us stay positive, it will soon be spring, 
We can do this...xxxx

Today I thought I would share some pyrography with you. 
As you all know I do love doing this, I just haven’t felt well enough to do any for the last 6 months. 
So it was so lovely to be able to do some the other week. 

These were a bit of a challenge as Tracy has drawn so much background detail 

But I was so happy with them in the end. 

These little mice always make me smile. 

It was so lovely to have a day off on Saturday, and just catch up with some housework..
I know,

I did so much washing, but now I have so much ironing,,.not so good. 

Please take care everyone. 
Have a lovely Monday 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


gwen70 said...
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gwen70 said...

Beautiful pieces of work Jo, you are so clever. Spelling mistake in original so did it again xx

Chrissie Roberts said...

They are beautiful Jo. Pleased to hear you are feeling a lot better ((HUGS)) x

Redanne said...

They are all beautiful Jo (you already know how much I love mine), you are so, so clever with your pyrography, especially with such intricate stamps. I am so pleased that you felt well enough to do them and I just adore the mice one, it makes me smile too. I really don't envy you the ironing..... my least favourite household job - lol.

Take care my friend. Big hugs, Anne xxx

SizzlingSuzy said...

Lovely pyrography Jo. I show your makes to my hubby, as he has recently began burning wood. It gives him inspiration, although he can only do basics at the moment. You are so wonderfully talented. xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies, for your lovely comments....hugs xxx