Friday 13 April 2018

April’s tag

Good morning everyone , 
I do hope that you have had a good week , it has been another hectic week for us 
Oh and a muddy one,,,
I really can’t wait for some better weather...
Although Eric did go for a paddle again in the big puddles in the field today .
We are off to Anglesey later , 
So that we are there ready for tomorrow’s workshop...
Another full class, and I am really looking forwards to seeing everyone,,
Before we go, 
I just have time to share a tag with you 
This is my April tag ready for the tag swap 

I used a fabulous new stamp set from Hobby Art , 
Designed by my lovely friend Lisa...
And oh , I love these stamps..

I started with a ready made tag...

And added some Oxide inks and water , 
One colour at a time 

I added some purple around the edge...
And oh yes Karen,, blog is turning purple,,,( ) 

I do love to just add some extra black,..just gives more definition 

Next I added the stamps,,,and oh these so stamp beautifully 

Then added the black fine liner . 
I also did some repeat stamping on a spare piece of paper 

Next , I added some colour 

Then cut out the shapes. 

And used 3d glue gel to add them 

Nearly there..
We just need some white splats...well I am just addicted to them ...

There , that’s better ....
To finish off , 
Some glossy Accents , 

And some ribbon...
Yes , 
I love that ..

Look, at the detail 

I really loved making this . 
Before I go, 
I just want to send a special hug to my lovely friend Fiona...
I know she will appreciate a group hug..
And finally , 
Well the little man is on the move....
we went to spend the evening with him...
And there is no stopping him now..
You definitely need eyes in the back of your head 

Have a lovely weekend all.
Much love and hugs...
Jo xxxx


Tracey T said...

What a beautiful tag Jo and those stamps are wonderful, I didn't realise I needed them but after seeing this they're on my list. Have a fab workshop and I hope the weather is kind xx

gwen70 said...

Wonderful tag Jo, love the stamps, maybe we will be getting to play with them. Enjoy your weekend xx

Barbara Finch said...

Love your background colours Jo - are you breaking out of the reds yellows and oranges?!! 😁😁 Xx

Donna Brooks said...

Beautiful tag Jo, love those stamps so detailed. I haven't done any crafting this last week so I might do a tag to get me back in the crafting mind set. Have a good weekend. Xx

Guillyflower said...

Lovely tag Jo & lovely colours. I really like those stamps too.
I did warn you about the speed of the little people LOL just wait til he's on 2 feet!! Have a good Sunday. See you soon xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks everyone for reading my little blog and giving up time to leave a comment ,,,group