Sunday 8 April 2018

Another lovely Saturday .

Good afternoon everyone, 
I do hope that your Sunday is going well. 
We have walked the dogs, tidied a few more cupboards , 
And generally caught up on lots of little jobs today. 
So before I go and cook our evening meal , 
I thought I would have a chat with you . 

Yesterday it was our Manchester Groovi class ,
Yet another lovely day spent with great friends. 

We had yummy cake made by Jean...
Thanks Jean it was devine 
and calorie free....(if only ! )

We had such a giggle...

Especially at the expense of the hare.....or is he a

It was so good to chat with everyone , especially as a few days earlier I had been suffering from a really bad 
Oh it wasn’t nice at all...

I was so glad to see the back of it. 

Take care everyone...
A new week approaches..

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


rachel said...

Beautiful cards Jo - the hare looks lovely to me! Hope the migrane stays away! Big hugs rachel xx

gwen70 said...

Gorgeous cards Jo, never had a migraine and touch wood it stays that way

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Rachel and Gwen , really good to hear from you...hugs..xx