Sunday 14 August 2022

Such wonderful ladies

Hi everyone, 
thanks so much for joining me. 
I do hope that you have had a lovely weekend. 
I am sat in our garden , in the shade having a catch up with you. 
My Mum has come down to stay with us for a few days, so that is lovely. 
I am really looking forwards to spending some quality time with her. 
Creating special memories. 

Yesterday I had a lovely day teaching a day workshop.
I had been invited by a fabulous group of crafters. 

They made me feel so welcome, 

I did laugh at the chairs that were behind my table , just my size!!!

It is so good to be able to meet up in person again. 

I enjoyed every minute. 

Look they gave me this beautiful card and they had all signed it. 
Thank you, 
that really touched my heart. 

Take care everyone 
Love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


Janette said...

Thats a lovely card from the ladies Jo, such a nice thought. Hope you get to enjoy time with your mum, the weather is cooler here today but honestly I am not upset by that after the last few weeks of heat.xx

Neet said...

Love your patio set out.
It was a special day for us at the club se enjoyed every moment of it and cannot wait to have you back again. I've completed the pictures for one set and now need to do the others and then get to grips with the extra stencilling.
Thanks so much.
Hugs, Neet xx