Thursday 17 March 2022

A sunny morning

Good morning everyone. 
I do hope you are feeling well today. 
I know a couple of you are struggling with health issues at the moment, 
and I just wanted to send you a special hug.
Some love and strength to carry on. 

I have just walked Elliot to school, and it is a cold but beautiful morning. 
So I just took a few minutes out. 

And I walked around my garden 

Just reflecting 

And being at one with nature.

Just wishing peace , 

And contentment 

For everyone 

So good to see my fritillaries are poking through the soil 

It really warms my heart 

To think 3 years ago this was bare earth and a building site. 

Take care everyone 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


Regina M Dziak said...

Love all those pretty Flowers in Your Garden

Gibmiss said...

Gorgeous flowers jo ….
Hugs Sylvie xx