Monday 19 April 2021

Smitten With Stars

Good morning all , 
I hope you are well this Monday morning 
The sun is shining here again, it was another beautiful morning walk for Eric and me. 
We had a busy weekend, after Saturdays workshop the boys came for a sleep over .
In our bubble , just in case anyone is wondering.
So Saturday afternoon and evening were filled with lots of play, making lasagna, bath and bedtime. 
All four of us were fast asleep by 9-30pm....and the first noise on Sunday morning 
At 6-30 am was Eric 🐾.
Not the boys, they slept well.
Eric however gets so excited he wants them up and downstairs as early as possible. 
Sunday morning and Elliots football training is back so Grandad took him to that whilst Jenson and I  played in the garden. 
I can tell you by the time they went home yesterday afternoon both Karl and I were shattered, but in a good way. 
I know how lucky we are that we can spent time with them. 
I do think at the minute we all are appreciating the true value of family and good friends. 
Look what arrived for me on Friday...

I really am such a lucky lady. 

Today I wanted to share one of my recent Aall & Create samples with you. 

It uses one of the new stencils that will be on The Craft Store as part of the One Day Special this evening. 
It is available all ready from local stockists. 
Check out Stampers Grove 

I began by brushing ink through the stencil. 
I love using these 3 colours and they blend so well, and give beautiful shades of green and purple. 


Next I added some letters, some shading and the usual posca splatters. 

To finish off I highlighted the main star with glossy accents, and sprinkled some glitter into it. 
Have you tried it, 
Such a fun trick...
Here is a closer look 👀 

Thanks for joining me. 
Coffee time here 
Before I go a couple of photos from the weekend, 
Elliot ready for football and Jenson playing  in our homemade ball pool 

I may just need a nana nap today 

Take care everyone, 
Big hug if today is a difficult day...

Jo xxxx


gwen70 said...

Love the card Jo, gorgeous photos of the boys, you have a nap if you can, I can't seem to sleep during the day. Wish I could sometimes xx

Trisha N said...

Oooo I love your blog spots Jo they really make me smile, especially the photos of your lovely 'littles' so precious aren't they xx

Nicola C said...

You really had a great weekend to spend with the family, it must have been a real treat. And lovely to receive such a beautiful bouquet! I've been looking out for your samples on The Craft Store replays - now I've figured out the name change.
I really love that the stencil gets to be the main event in this sample, I think they're very good value and so versatile. I'll definitely be glittering up my glossy accents this week :)

Lorna said...

Fab card Jo and thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos of Elliot and Jenson and their beautiful smiley faces 💕xx