Monday 24 June 2019

Saturday with friends in Glasgow.

Good afternoon all. 
Firstly thank you for all your lovely messages, cards, gifts and emails. 
Honestly we are so amazed by you all, you are so kind, 
generous and have given us such comfort. 
It was very hard leaving Perth, with a space in our little van.
Saturday’s workshop went well and the ladies were just so kind to us both. 
Under the circumstances we let Eric sit under the table at the class.
I held it together and only had one moment, 
When I was demonstrating, I opened an  ink pad and there on the pad was a white dog hair....
Bless her, my crafty companion didn’t want to miss out. 
Deep breath. 

We started  with a quick warm up card. 

One of my favourite techniques at the moment. 
I love to add little cobwebs to my cards these days. 
Have you spotted it? 
Look here are some of the ladies cards 

They are fabulous. 

Then we got out the gel press plates, and had some inky play. 

I do love to take a background and just add, layer upon layer .

I am afraid that I didn’t manage to photograph everyone’s cards, sorry ladies. 
(But who made the castle card!!!!) 

We also used the petite gel press plates, 
another one of my favourite type of cards.

We had tea and cake thank you Eileen, yummy as always. 

 We finished off the day with an ATC. 
It was such a pleasure to be with such lovely ladies (oh and Karl ) 
Thank you for looking after us and making our trip 
so worth while. 
I hope you have gone home and are now creating more backgrounds and having 
a really good time. 

Oh my, look what just arrived, 
Thank  you so much lovely lady 
They are so beautiful 

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx


fabulous fiona said...

Hi Jo,
I really don't know who could have made the castle card!! It is really lovely!
It was a brilliant day and I hope that to get to craft with you again soon.

Susan said...

You did Fiona!!!! Ha ha ha I recognised it.

Donna Brooks said...

Lovely cards, thinking of you all. XX

MFM said...

Stunning cards from all the ladies.

gwen70 said...

Beautiful cards ladies xx