Wednesday 30 January 2019

Snow stops play

Morning all, 
Well after all these years of workshops , 
today is the first time that I have cancelled them. 
We have quite a bit of snow in Holmes Chapel, and the surrounding area. 
Adam messaged me this morning telling me that all the runways at the 
airport are closed until at least 10-30am. 
So I have decided that it isn’t safe enough for us all to travel to class. 

We have to be sensible...

Although , I have to say 
that Tess and Eric are loving the snow. 

They didn’t want to come in. 

I hope you all keep warm today, stay safe...and 
maybe do some crafty homework....

I hope it clears quickly as Karl is driving up to Aberdeen in the morning.

Love and warm hugs 
Jo, xxx


MFM said...

It all looks very pretty but causes a lot of problems.
Hope you all stay safe and Warm.

Chrissie Roberts said...

Better to be safe Jo. It is quite amazing after all these years but perhaps it's a sign of the changing weather? The snow in Buxton is 6 to 8 inches apparently. I feel for those in the USA though. I wouldn't like that. Stay safe and stay warm ((hugs))

Jo Rice said...

Hi Maggie and Chrissie, thankfully the snow is melting , and the house is toasty and to you both...xx