On-line Workshops

Thank you so much for asking about my new online workshops.
These are now being done via YouTube so that fellow crafters in many parts of the world can join in.

The way that it works is that I will record a class and post it in my YouTube group. 
If you would like to join in , each class will be £6 (or equivalent at this time that is 8 US dollars) and is at least an hour long. 

You can subscribe for one or many classes, it is up to you 
Payment is by PayPal to 
Once You have paid and I have sent you the link you can watch the class, craft along as many times as you wish and at your own pace. 
At the beginning of each class I will go through the class list so that you can pause me and get your items together...

I am hoping to add classes on a weekly basis...

1- Colour blending and hidden writing using Lavinia stamps 
2- A landscape design using inks, a stencil and Lavinia stamps 
3- Gelliplate, inks, Brusho powders and Lavinia stamps 
4- Creating a stamped wreath design using Lavinia Stamps 
5- Deep in the meadow using inks and Lavinia stamps 
6- 1 background technique, 5 card toppers with inks and Lavinia stamps 
7- Creating an inky background, smooshing and Lavinia stamps .
8-Stylish design using inks, Brayer,  stencil and Lavinia stamps.
9-Underwater design using, inks, stencils and Lavinia stamps
10- Floral Watercolour Book using inks, brusho powders and Lavinia stamps.

Any questions , just ask , 
I am so looking forwards to this new type of workshop and I hope you enjoy the journey with me,,

All the best 
Jo xxx


  1. My email address is
    I look forwards to hearing from you xx

  2. Hi Jo, hope you are well and preparing to say Goodbye to 2020, hopefully 2021 will be a more positive year for us all. I have just seen the workshop you held on 14 December, amazing. Is it still possible to buy this workshop? I have a pack of the paper, however, as yet I have just looked at it, admired it and produced nothing 😂
    Take care Jo, and take some much earned time to relax.
    Best wishes to you and yours
    Avril xx

  3. Hi Jo, are you still doing your online workshops. I would love to do some with you. I am from Australia.