Monday, 31 July 2017

Crafting in Cumbria.

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in.

I do hope your week has started well, it is very up and down in the Rice household. I got back from Cumbria on Saturday to find Danielle feeling quite unwell and with a temperature of 39.4 . So off we went to hospital and they admitted her with possible I didn't get home until nearly 11pm as Adam was working..

The nursing staff are wonderful and took Elliot up to her for a hour of family time yesterday...

After we have had a catch up we are off to visit them , poor Adam and Danielle are having such a rough time...

So before we go , I just have time to share some photographs with you...

Saturday at Clarity Cumbria we had a play with some new Clarity Stencils and did some ghosting, look what the crafters made

We then decorated some new MDF butterflies and bees, which I have designed

I am so proud of everyone, these are amazing

After lunch , and cake because it was Peters Birthday we used Stencil brushes to create these masterpieces

And we even had time for tea and cake and another make

I do like to crack the whip...!!!!

But what happens at craft class , stays at craft class....

Must get on....catch you all soon

Much love and hugs

Jo. Xxxx



  1. Beautiful cards.
    I am keeping you and your family in my prayers, along with the amazing NHS staff who are caring for them.

  2. Beautiful art work, Jo.
    Sorry to hear about Danielle. As you say, she and Adam are having such a hard time. I hope that they will all get home soon and start their family life together. Xxx

  3. lovely makes. hope danielle is better now. take care, hugs xx

  4. Sorry to hear about all the upset hoping things get back to normal soon
    Great makes Jo xxx

  5. Beautiful artwork. Really hope Danielle feels better very soon xx

  6. Thinking of you all. It does seem to be a tough time at the moment for the young family. Hope all is well very soon.xx