Sunday, 7 May 2017

Clarity Belfast

Good afternoon all welcome to Northern Ireland on this beautiful sunny Sunday. I am so impressed with Karl , how he manages to book glorious weather when he books the campsites for our visits over here.

We had quite a journey on Friday with the motorway closed at Carlisle and it was touch and go with making it on time for the ferry...thank goodness for Sally SatNav.

We had a lovely evening on Friday catching up with friends and a rather nice meal out, infact we have another one last night too....( I can feel the pounds adding to my waist )

Yesterday it was our workshop and wow do these lovely people know how to look after us , so many fabulous and kind gifts...

This is us , at the end of the day , we had a Mixed Media play day

It was great to see how everyone's books were so different but oh so stunning...what a clever group of ladies. We even manage to fit in a couple of card designs too...using a certain favourite Fantasy Flower stamp...

Thanks to Linda and Sharon for all your help, Angela and Norma too, and we are looking forward to coming back in October...

Today we have had a day of walking and relaxing in the sun...and Karl is even watching the footie...

The scenery is just breath taking

So beautiful

And coffee in our new mugs ( thanks Sharon )

Barbara is on Hochanda today and tomorrow , I have recorded all the shows so that I can watch them when we get home. This afternoon she is with Tina and more stunning new plates. Here is a sample of mine from the show.

Bet you would have guessed this one was mine lol...

Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone, have a good week ,

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



  1. Oooo love the card, my favourite one from the shows this afternoon! Glad you got there, let's hope getting home will be easier. The views look stunning. Xx

  2. It was a fabulous day. Thanks Jo for the great projects. We all loved the mixed media and loved the cards using the great stamp which you designed, clever lady. It was lovely seeing you and Karl again and we're all looking forward to our next one in October x

  3. Love the mixed media. Shame to have to leave that beautiful countryside but have a safe journey home.