Monday, 17 April 2017

A luscious leaf

Good afternoon everyone , I hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend.

It has been a busy one in the Rice household with a mixture of family time and work, plus the arrival of a new niece . She is absolutely gorgeous, wow you forget how small new born babies are. Oh and it was Adam birthday yesterday too, he is 28, I just don't know where the time has gone,,,

Today I am sharing a how to tutorial for one of my recent samples, I have had a few ladies asking me how it was here we go.

These new stamp sets were launched recently and they are fabulous to use. The masks are so useful too...

This one uses the leaf outline stamp set .

I started as I usually do with a piece of stencil card ( perfect as I need to add some water to my design )

I stamped the large leaf using black Archival ink, then added the mask.

Next I added some color Burst powders and spritzed with water, I do love to just watch what happens,

Look at those colours and the movement...

I find it is best to let this dry naturally, it keeps the colours vibrant.

Then I removed the mask, wiped it clean and placed it back on its carrier sheet.

Now it is the turn of the outer part of the mask , I gently added some Moon Crater Artistry ink with a spong

And then some stamping with Watering Can Archival ink. Using copier paper I made a border and stamped using the same ink.

I added some sequins and some drops of liquid glass, another one of my new favourite techniques.

Here is a closer look...

Some matting and layering , I do love the way that this design looks so 3d,

It really does play a trick on your eyes.

Have you noticed the little bird in the bottom corner...? He is watching the leaping hare.

Speaking of little birds , I keep having a visitor , he stands for hours in my pond ...look.

This was taken from my kitchen window

Bless him, he doesn't look real, well that is until he takes flight..his wing span is enormous

Now I know where all my frogs have gone....

Until next time

Take care all,

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx




  1. Great card Jo!
    Your Adam is the same age as my Amy!!! It's scary where that time has gone!
    The heron made an appearance in our neighbours garden after her fish but her pond is netted so he didn't stick around! Huge birds!
    Love and hugs! X

  2. Gorgeous card. Love the vibrant colours of the colour bursts, must get mine out to play, you have inspired me!


  3. Great card Jo. You have had a busy weekend. Hope Adam enjoyed his birthday. Hugs xx

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