Sunday, 5 March 2017

More rain.

Good evening all, I do hope that your weekend has gone well. Karl and me have just been out for a lovely walk, and yes it was raining again but we didn't mind...we just walked and is good just to have time out don't you think?

It has been a busy old day catching up with emails , housework, and that mountain of ironing...

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at CJ's in Edgeley what a great bunch of ladies . We had an inky morning,

As you know I do love to make wreath cards...and this little spellbinders die works just a treat when combined with a Clarity swirl and butterfly stamps.

Look at this version that Sue T made , I do love it .

Makes a great frame...and look what you can do with the waste...

Great homework Susan..., thanks for emailing it to me...

After lunch , it was time to get our Groovi plates out..., I am such a fan of coloured parchment

And these new poetry plates.

I do love to use this squirkle frame.....that is what we have decided to call it as it uses the nested circle and nested square frame..

It is so good to use just part of the design...this one is coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils and has a little glamour dust added on the front.

The ladies enjoy the Groovi so much that our next class is going to be an all day one,..and I am so looking forward to it...

Time for hot chocolate and bed now..

I haven't been able to catch Barbara and Tina's shows yet, but they are recorded ready for me to watch tomorrow, whilst I am prepping for workshops..

So I will say goodnight...

Sleep well and call back soon

Love and hugs

Jo. Xxxx



  1. Didn't we have a lovely time at CJ''s, we certainly did, thank you so much Jo, for making the afternoon so groovi. We have learnt so much about the groovi system, thanks to you passing on all what you have learnt and all the hints and tips you have also shared with the ladies. I love parchment but haven't been able to do it for such a long time as my hands weren't steady enough to trace but with the groovi system and your help I am back doing something I truly love Thank you Jo and also to Clarity Groovi. Xx

    1. It is always a pleasure to craft with you Wendy, and I am so glad that you can now carry on with your love of parchment using the Groovi system. Hugs xxxx

  2. These are all lovely Jo. I love the die that you used with the butterflies, really lovely and your take on the Groovi is always so different and beautiful. (hugs) Chrissie

  3. Great cards from your class, loved the blog the other day with the flowers and die cut border too. Hope the puddle is going down or you might have to start going for a swim rather than a walk with the dogs! XX

  4. Thanks Chrissie and Donna...xx