Thursday, 9 February 2017


Good afternoon all, thanks for joining me and welcome to another new follower....happy dance time again...

I do hope you enjoy popping in and as always if you can leave a comment I really do appreciate it.

Yesterday it was Hazel Grove workshops and as always the ladies had me in stitches....( more on that later!!!)

I often ask the crafters if there is anything that they would like to have a workshop on and a couple of ladies asked for a PanPastel refresher....

So that is what we did,,,,

Have you got any PanPastels? They are great , and I have a box full from my days demonstrating with Kay.

They were developed when artists used stick pastels but found they were very dusty , so pan shapes were used to house the pastel....hence PanPastels...

They come in a wide range of pure colours such as Magenta...then a Magenta Shade which means black has been added and Magenta tint which has white added...

There are also some new sparkly ones,,,,,

The pastel can be applied by sponges, applicators with sox on...( the best is when the ladies bring odd socks !!!!!!) they can even be scraped into a pot with some water added and used for watercolours .

This was our first design , we began by stamping the bubbles stamp using VersaMark ink, this is great as it gives such a fab effect. Then the PanPastel is added and it is darker where it sticks to the VersaMark ink.

We used Linen card stock as this gives the impression of canvas

Next came the background Stencils, I used a variety of Clarity Stencils and just sponged the colour through them .

The main image is black pastel through the wild flowers stencil.

Remember that the pastel can be rubbed out this reveals the white card underneath and a rotating eraser is fab for this...

A sentiment and some butterflies.

Finally some sequins, the new must have thanks Eileen and Mandy...

Pastels can be fixed , I use one of the crafters companion is best to avoid hairspray as in time this yellows.

Here is the same technique just different stencils, and a black fine liner...

Our second design was a quick little 6x6 card.

Here we just added the VersaMark ink through the stencil, removed the stencil, and cleaned it...then added the pastel...

Gives a great quick background.

I find the stencil can be quite difficult to clean so cheap nail varnish really works a treat.

Now one of our afternoon ladies Margaret, is a lady vicar and hence we call her our vicarage....

So she took a few minutes to say a prayer with us all...

Here it is...

I do love that,,,,and we did was so funny seeing the ladies reactions....

Hope you like it too...

So on that note ...take care all...

Pop back soon

Much love and hugs




  1. Looks like you all had a great time...I love the crafters prayer xxx

    1. Thanks Carol, you really can't beat time with crafty friends..x

  2. These are beautiful and thank you so very much for your instructions .

  3. Yo! Lovely cards and the sequins are taking over the world! lol

    1. Cheers Eileen, they certainly are...see what you have😀X

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Naomi, hope you and yours are all keeping well...x

  5. Good time was had by all, love the prayer, gave me a chuckle this morning

  6. Wow, love all your cards. I do love the pastel look but don't have any, when I looked before they were quite expensive and so many colours I didn't know where to start! Can you get a set of 'mini' colours? Thanks for blogging I do like seeing your creations and those of your classes too. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, and I started with three of my favourite colours, an orange, a green and a blue....quite pale ones and ones that blended together...then I just bought more when they were on's worth looking out for good offers...
      Have a lovely Sunday...xx