Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Still suffering.

Good evening all and thanks for popping in, please join with me and welcome our new follower Christine...

It is always great when we get new followers. I really do get so excited...

I am afraid I am not a happy bunny today which is not like me at all. My throats has get even worse and now I have a cough, pains in my chest and the left hand side of my face....great....and just to make matters even worse Karl is in no sympathy from him .....

At least Tess and Eric are here to look after me. Well actually they are both fast asleep , I took them down the fields earlier and they had a really good run, a muddy run at that.

Speaking of Tess, she took a liking to my parchment piece that I made at Susan's workshop on Saturday...

And I found here on Sunday morning with it in her bed and she was licking it...oh Parchment really don't like water!!!!

This was it before...( just for you Chrissie )

You really don't want to see it amount of book will straighten it...

So I had a go at making another one , but me being me, put my own twist on it...

This is what I came up with

So I have made it into a finished piece....before Tess gets it....

I do love the Agapanthus plate designed by Jayne Nestorenko, and I had to use more of the fab new papers...

This one is from the New England Fall Pack , thanks Dee....more fabulous designs..

Now don't look too close , I know it's not brilliant...but we all have to start somewhere...I will keep practicing....and practicing....I do love the idea of making up designs has really got my craft juices flowing...

Maria is on Hochanda tomorrow with some new plates....just up my street ....when you see them you will know why...

Unfortunately I only got to make a couple of samples....wish I had more time,,,but I will certainly be using them again...

Here are some sneaky little peeks...

Right I am off for a shower and a date with a night nurse .....don't worry not a hunk in uniform but a bottle of medication.....oh I must be

Take care all,

Much love and hugs

Jo. Xxx



  1. Oh bless, get well soon. Beautiful inspiration as usual xx

  2. Get well soon Jo! Your groovi is looking good, that cutting is great. I have gone back to the start and am concentrating on my line work and white work for the time being. Rest up, I'm sure Tess and Eric won't mind sitting with you on the sofa. Xx

  3. Get well soon Jo, sorry I'm not closer to help you out. Great card - I really like your spin on the border. Look after yourself xx

  4. Sorry meant to say hello Christine! Xx

  5. Rest up and get well soon. Hope Tess and Eric don't drag you out of bed too early for their walk.
    MFM xx

  6. Bless you Jo! It really was a masterpiece and I have to say that your own design was even better!! I knew you would love it and you would ace it too. Really lovely work. I am loving some of these papers too. I might have to have a good look at them. I can see the word labradors so I think I have an idea on the new plates lol

    Now you wrap up warm, a nice hot brandy with lemon (or Port which is actually better!) and an early night. Get well soon.
    ((hugs)) to help comfort you. xx Chrissie

  7. We've both suffered from this lurgy over Christmas Jo - you have my sympathy! Hope you feel much better soon - you need to build up your strength ready for Claritycumbria on the 28th! Your Groovi pieces are really lovely!!xx

  8. Awwww Jo I hope you feel better soon. I love these Groovi pieces though I have found it am too heavy handed (I like to call it enthusiastic) for Groovi. See you very soon xx

  9. Get well soon Jo, I know exactly how you are feeling as I have finally caught the office cold and will be spending the week at home dying. My chest is killing me at the moment with so much coughing.

  10. Hope you feel better very soon I'm afraid you've joined another "club".
    Love the parchment Elsa

  11. Thanks everyone and it does seem as though this lurgy is doing the rounds...and it sticks around too....grrrr not good...Roll on Spring....
    Take care all...hugs....from a distance....obviously.....xxxxx

  12. Hope you Jo and everyone else with this nasty bug recovers soon and feels well enough to do some crafting.xx