Tuesday, 22 November 2016

More of my favourites...

Good afternoon, and thanks once again for popping in..

It has been a busy couple of days ...and my goodness we have had some rain...the fields are under water , which Eric loves and we went for a swim this morning, rather than a walk.

Mind you I had a shock when we got home and I had a phone call from a Manchester Gallery who want to exhibit and sell my work.....wish me luck...I have a meeting later this week.....

I hope you managed to catch our Paul on Sunday with his three Hochanda shows. Today I thought I would show you how one of my samples was made..

With this one , I just wanted to show case the fabulous stamps,,,as you know I love these Jayne Nestorenko designs.

I started by cutting my stencil card to size and then stamping using Archival ink.

I then used Artistry ink pads on my blending mat with some water and water coloured the designs...

I started with the Agapanthus

After all it is my favourite...( I know...I shouldn't have favourites!!!)

Next a colour change

And onto the Dahlia

Followed by the Rose

And the Fuchsia

Oh look at those lovely colours


Some matting and layering, and then a butterfly....

Plus a few little additional gems, liquid glass etc...

And there we have it...a four in one card...

Before I go I just want to tell you about my lovely friend Becky...we spent years running a local cub pack...and what a brilliant time we had...well she has always wanted to write a book...well a trilogy to be honest...

I was so proud of her on Sunday when her book was published and I got my signed copy..

So if you are looking for a book to read ...look no further...

I love it Becky...and you too...

Just shows you....we can all reach for the stars and grab our goals...

So go on....have faith and follow your heart...

With all my love..

Jo. xxxx



  1. How fantastic. Best of luck Jo. You deserve it and congratulations to your friend. Xx

  2. Wow well done to you (I'm not surprised in the slightest, your artwork is amazing ) and your friend Becky, wishing you both every success. Xx

  3. Congratulations to you. Terrific news!
    Love your beautiful card. Xxx

  4. Wow! Both of you are so talented.

  5. Wow! Both of you are so talented.

  6. Wow Jo, that's amazing that a gallery has approached you to sell your work. Not surprising though as your work is beautiful. Well done! Love this one too. Xx

  7. Good arty news all round! Good luck with the gallery! Lovely card too xx