Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hanging canvas

Hi all,

Thanks for joining me , on this Sunday morning...

You know when I sit and write these little blog posts , I never know if anyone is going to read them,,,well apart from my Mum....( thanks Mum )

And sometimes it is a bit worrying when nobody comments , and I think , oh dear , that blog post didn't go down well, but then I go to a workshop, or demonstration and I get such lovely feedback..

The other day I had a lovely email from a lady who regularly reads the blog but don't know how to leave a comment, so I now have faith that I am not on my own in blog land.

Today we are going to do something a bit different, you know how I love to try different things, you see I love clean and simple stamping techniques, wreath and pattern building, but also lots of distress ink blending and mixed media...the other day I was told that I am a bit of an ' all rounder'


I have to say as I get older I am definitely getting more ' rounded' !!!! lol...

I have been playing with canvas sheets and Dyna paints...

This is a wall hanging that I made

I started with a sheet of the canvas paper....and covered it with black gesso

Then made a pattern with low tack masking tape

Using three colours of paint , I covered the whole area using a small pallet knife, it was like spreading butter and jam...( not to be eaten though)

Once dry , I removed the tape...

Meanwhile I covered a small MDF butterfly ( from the MDF Man ) with paint, no need to pre gesso.

Then added some script stamping...this stamp is from the journaling set .

I decided to have my design portrait rather than landscape..., and attached the butterfly

Some splats of gold from a rather fab big gold marker , a couple of holes and some bakers twine,

Plus a lovely little embellishment and my canvas was complete.

This is a great way to make a unique piece of art...and I must urge you to show off your lovely creations...

So many of us make things and then just put them away somewhere , so one of my missions this year is to get us all to display our makes...hang them on the wall, put them on the sideboard...and generally admire and enjoy them...

And best of all, enjoy the lovely comments that we get...

I love to heat about positive feedback the you all get from your makes...

One of the workshop ladies recently sent a card that we had made to het friend for her Birthday...the ladie loved it that much that she has framed it...

How wonderful is that...

Just brilliant...

Enjoy the praise and the love


Jo. xxx



  1. Hi Jo,
    Lovely artwork, and never fear. Even though most of us are very remiss in saying how much we enjoy reading your Blog, it is read by many and your work is much admired.
    Hugs MFM

  2. Good morning Jo, I love your canvas, such a fun project, I must just have a go at this, such fab and funky inspiration xx

  3. Hi Jo. I always read your blogs which I find fascinating and inspiring. Please keep them coming.........! Love Beryl x

  4. Very different for you Jo - but really eye catching! I'm feeling more inspired now after a bit of a blip in the mojo! Love reading your blogs and seeing what you've done in your workshops- such varied projects! Xx

  5. fun canvas. I'm guilty of not commenting but like you I get disappointed when no one comments on my posts ! I'm making more of an effort to comment now.

  6. Lovely art work as always. I do always read your blog and if I don't comment it is just because life gets in the way and I forget to go back to do it. Hopefully life will be a bit slower now that dad is out of hospital after his heart op and I don't need to travel an hour each way to visit and take Mum too.

    I really enjoy working on canvas as it gives big results. Just wish I had more walls to hang them on!!

  7. I have these paints and I love them! So vibrant and the iridescent sheen is amazing. Please keep your blog post coming I always read them although blogger sometimes wont let me comment! The page shows OK but the little comment box doesn't work, and won't let me type. Hope you had a good weekend. XX

    1. Or like it just did, says publishing but then nothing happens! Tried again and it worked.

  8. wonderful colours Jo - lovely work. I know what you mean about comments - it does make you wonder sometimes!!! But never fear - we're all just trying to keep up but not managing!!! Thats what I think anyway! Hugs rachel x

  9. Great canvas Jo. I really like these paints and how they change depending on the colour of the background. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Hugs xx

  10. this is rather cool. love the way you have spread the paints. hope you've had a great weekend.
    i try to comment on your posts but i'm sure i miss some occasionally, hugs xxx

  11. Jo, I. Don't normally comment but read you.r blog always and get some great ideas To help me.

  12. I always look forward to reading your blog posts you do some really lovely pieces of work, but it's usually quite late in the evening when I read it so I'm usually too tired to comment. Will try and do better in future.

  13. Even if I rarely comment, I do read, enjoy and get inspiration from your blog posts- especially when I can't get to all your workshops. Rosemary x

  14. Hi Jo , I have been commenting on email,and perhaps you don't see those .
    I read your blogs every day and really enjoy Janice

  15. Bless you all, such wonderful comments...thank you so much....really good to have you with me on this crafty hug...xxxx