Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rain, rain and more rain...

Good afternoon all , thanks for popping in , I do hope your Sunday is going well.

It is catch up day here with lots of washing , ironing and gardening to be done,,,plus the usual long dog walks..

As you know yesterday I was demonstrating all things Clarity at the Paper Warehouse in Kendal, this is such a fab event and I loved every minute of it.

It was lovely to see our Linda who was also demonstrating

I was sat opposite Sheena, what a lovely , funny and very talented lady she is....but I couldn't resist taking this photo....and yes...I did warn her that it was going on my blog....

No sooner had we arrived and set up when crafters appeared from all sides, it was so busy, the atmosphere was really great.

So much so, I didn't get chance to take any photos of my table , so I snapped a few at the end of the day...

So please excuse the mess, it was much neater at the beginning of the day. ( honestly )

Wow, the bags sold really well

Mind you, so did the stamps, stencils and Groovi boards...

The shop is really well stocked ,

If you get chance to go to Kendal , I really would recommend a visit,

And the staff are just wonderful, we were looked after so well yesterday, lots of hot drinks and a fab lunch too...

It was great to see so many of the workshop ladies, and to meet new crafters , Jeanette travelled down for the day and Mary really enjoyed her trip.

A special thanks to Maggie Byford , for all the hints and tips...( you should see her parchment work, absolutely stunning )

The only down side to the whole day was the did it rain....and then some,,,

The journey home was horrible...and I was so glad to get back....

I am back in the lakes next Saturday for Clarity I am hoping for a better journey....

Lots to between now and then....

Enjoy your Sunday evening..

Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxx



  1. Oh wow ... I don't usually post a comment Jo, but what a super day you had. I was so disappointed I couldn't come ... My hubby just couldn't be left for so long and I just couldn't get cover for the day 😔 My lovely friend Ann came and sent me some pics ... It's always just the best day ever !! I adore your samples and those bags .... !!! Are the ones which were not sold still in the shop ? I would love to buy one if there are any still available. Pity about the weather ... There was some bad flooding again in the Lake District, so I'll bet it was a scary drive home. I do miss seeing everyone .. It's a superb place to go. Not to worry ... Maybe one day . So glad you had a good day ... Could you let me know about the bags please ? Many thanks, Joyce xx

  2. Morning Joyce, thank you so much for leaving a comment and saying such lovely things. Sorry that you missed coming to Kendal on give my best to your husband.
    The bags are available in the shop and they are very reasonable,,,there are three plenty of choice too...any problems either email me or phone Jane at the shop...she is always so

  3. Glad you had such a good time Jo ... Hugs ... xx

    1. Thanks Angela, hugs right

  4. Great to see you Jo and yes it was a fab day - lets hope we get to do it all again next year xxx

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the photo of you and Linda, so I have saved it in my CRAFT FRIENDS album. xxx