Sunday, 3 July 2016

A beautiful Rose

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in today, I do hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Yesterday it was our Manchester workshop based in Heald Green, and what a great day it was...made even more special by the Church hosting a coffee morning with lots of you know how much I love cake...

We used a wonderful Clarity stamp, the Rose is just fab..and guess what ? Perfect for making wreath cards...

And this one is Anna's ...she went straight to top of the class...

Look at the inside..

A great little stamp when used on a tag with the Burst powders.

And as a piece of art in a frame

And finally on stampbord...

There are just so many ways of using this fabulous little is a real worker.

After the class I drove home, emptied my car, a quick change and then Karl, Tess , Eric and me set off in our little motorhome for a couple of nights away at a campsite in Hope...

It has been such a busy couple of weeks that we both just needed to catch up on some sleep, fresh air and quality time together.

All went really well until last night when I was getting the dogs ready for their walk. I put their leads on , opened the motorhome door, but forgot to tell them to sit. They both jumped out of the van , followed by me, who ended up face down in gravel. So I am now looking like I have been in a fight, with cuts and bruises to my hands, arms, legs and face....


But luckily no broken bones....I am so glad that I bounced...( just you in plaster then, Mum.)

Today it has been a lovely , sunny day and we have walked and walked...both Tess and Eric are shattered.

So are Karl and me....

Just time for some food, showers and then feet up.

Have you watched Barbara today? I have recorded the shows and I am really looking forward to catching them when we get home tomorrow. The new Stamps, Stencils and Groovi products are just fantastic.

Sleep well everyone,

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxxx



  1. How many times have I tripped, fallen, or got into a right old pickle thanks to jumbled up leads and excited dogs. Hope your cuts and bruises heal soon.
    MFM xx

  2. Oh dear! I bet they thought it was a game with you on the floor. Hope your cuts and bruises heal soon. Your DT samples with the Africa stamps were beautiful. Xx

  3. wonderful cards Jo - that rose wreath card is yummy - I hope you are ok lovely lady - hugs rachel x

  4. Thanks ladies, back home now, all ok and back to afternoon of workshop preparation

  5. Oh mybgoodness Jo, just read your blog. Hope you are ok and feeling better. Loving your Africa samples xx